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Review #2 Page One
March 05, 2008

LS75 $99.99 - 299.99
DMC-TZ3 $369.99

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I originally bought the Panasonic LS75 as a pocket camera as there know now as. Any digital camera that can fit in your pocket. I wanted a camera that would be available to me any time. This camera was on sale for the Christmas holidays so I actually bought two at the time. Both cameras take an awesome photo. Colors were bright and perfect at focus under most conditions. The cameras are fully automatic and there is no manual setting. There are a lot of photo options to choose from. For accuracy there are many presets in which to shoot a photo. There is even a "Pet" setting which allows for a motion photo not using a flash.

The DMC-TZ3 I bought about a week later because of a bigger lens, and a longer 10X zoom and heavier construction. Both cameras have similar features and are both 7.1 mega pixel. Both have a picture stabilizer which can be set to operate all the time or when the shutter button is pressed. This feature prevent most shaking or moving the camera during a shoot to cause a blur effect in a photo. This feature works very well.

They both come with a built in shutter lens cape, which opens when the power switch is turned on. This protects the glass, Leica lens from scratches, finger prints, and some dust.

Waymorewebs C2008

The DMC-TZ3 is a considerable upgrade to the LS75. Silver buttons instead of plastic. A larger 3 inch LCD monitor instead of a 2.5 inch. Which can help make viewing in the sun easier. But both cameras come with a feature called high angle which makes the LCD brighter and allows for holding the camera above your head and in bright light allowing fore LCD use fullness. The LS75 is a narrow camera and the lens when turned off is flush with the body of the camera. The TZ3 lens has a1/4 inch bevel which is part of the lens. Although it still fits into a pocket, the lens added more weight and bulk to the over all camera.




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