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Review #2 Page One
March 19, 2006
updated April 19, 2006
updated September 29, 2006 Go Here

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Air Purifier Model FP-R65CX
Plasmacluster Ion Technology

In February 2006 the selling price was $549.99
Current March 2006 the Canadian Price is: $499.99
Some times on sale for $399.99

Model FP-R45CX current Canadian price is $ 399.99
Some times on sale for $299.99

By the way Waymorewebs does not make any money from this review.


Why Why Why !
Why having an air purifier in my computer work area made a difference? The office was regularly cleaned and the staff and I were content. However, I think it starts with having multi monitor of which stayed on roughly 14 hours and sometimes more everyday. Through my own research for this review I found out that computer monitors give off ions. Just like a television, hence why there is a remote control to control the tv sit. The computer monitor has no remote and you sit close to it. Over time these ions build up in the area. I found by not being able to open a window to the out side made our problem worse. Actually I found out later after purchasing an air purifier that when the heater turned on the dust cirulated from other rooms in the building structure through our office space much morel. Between both conditions staff found the air quality to be desired. More allergies, dust,

A breath of fresh air starts with the new SHARP FP-R65CX Air Purifier. Weighting in at 9.6 Kg (21.16 lbs) it is easy to move around a home or office. Looks great where ever you decide to use it. A gray body complemented with controls and other parts in silver. I liked how the controls were easy to get to and easy to understand. Everything about the SHARP FP-R65CX Air Purifier is made easy with the aid of a well written twenty three page manual. What appeals to me is the visual color monitor which let you know what the air quality is of the room your in.

First Disclaimer and Important Information

This review is based on personal experience. I bought the SHARP FP-R65CX as a customer while the unit was on sale for one hundred dollars less then the original price marked on that day. I have as of today also picked up the SHARP FP-R45CX and may make comment at a later date.

Although I have made every effort to describe the SHARP FP-R65CX as best as I can some errors may occur. I suggest that you visit the SHARP web site for other models, how the Plasmacluster ion technology work in a demonstration, and other important information that I might have missed.

wellpackaged  I was impressed by the amount of care that went into the packaging of the FP-R65Cx. Ever part was either in plastic wrap or secured by cardboard insulation. With a few instruction the Air Purifier was up and running, doing what it does best - clean the air that we breath.

Your monitor throws off ions all day long.

A well thought out, of practical electronics. The unit takes the air in from the front inlet and side inlet. The SHARP FP-R65CX Air Purifier controls are found on top of the unit. There is an on and off push button to the far one side, next to it a Mode button which controls all fan speeds (you will see later). Some of the changes from last years model is the "Energy Star Rating" and a "Mist Unit".

When in Silent fan mode the unit consumes about 3.7 watts. Sound level in this mode is almost nonexistent. This makes it easy to leave on in a bed room during bed time.


One of my own observation of the FP-R65CX is that if you lose the remote, you can not turn off the ion settings. The main unit has less functions than the actual remote. The remote gives access to turn off: Clean mode and Ion Plasmacluster technology. Another function only the remote can do is set the one or four hour timer

In the design, when the unit is plug in to an electrical outlet, it runs an air quality test. On the front of the main unit a colored series of lights blink to tell you the unit is at work. The Ion Plasmacluster is also on as default. With out the remote there is no other way to turn this feature off. (More on colored lights later)

Fan control from main unit.
See specification in this photo

The remote control unit is easy to hold in the left or right hand. Easy on the eyes and visually friendly. The power button is orange and set away from any other control at the top of the unit. Has a signal range of 7 meters (23 feet) and uses two included AA batteries.

The next row of gray rubber texture buttons: (from left to right) Fan Auto: A mode function that works with sensors to determine a fan speed. Normally when the air quality is good, indicated by a green light under the "Clean" typed on the controls in the main unit; the fan runs silent. Manual fan lets you change fan speeds from Auto to: Pollen, Silent, Med-medium, and Max speeds. At Maximum the SHARP FP-R65CX uses 70 watts and while more noticeable compared to silent Purifies the air faster. Most manufacture of a Air Purifier suggest running the unit on silent for a longer period rather than Maximum for a shorter period. Total air volume in the room has a better chance to go through the unit rather than blowing it away. But I must say it works great as an air conditioner on Maximum. SHARP does have an air conditioner with their Ion Plasmacluster technology.


What separates the SHARP FP-R65CX from thee others
There are two parts which make up the SHARP FP-R65CX Air Purifier. Active filters and Electronics - SHARP's Plasmacluster Ion Technology.

Active Filters starts here
This is what is behind the active filter system. The fan with out it you have nothing to draw contaminated air through the filters. I did not use the Mist unit because I did not needed it. The air in the room had moisture coming from a built into the furnace humidifier. SHARP does give the option to use or not use this feature. Recommend for those suffering from asthma and other breathing problems."The Asthma Society of Canada recognizes the ability of SHARP's Plasmacluster Ion Technology to reduce airborne asthma and allergy triggers." The water take must be emptied and refilled everyday to discourage mold formation. The manual goes into more details. This is a new feature for SHARP this year. This function is well worth using, and increases the cleaning value of this model SHARP FP-R65CX.

Active and Inactive Systems
An Active system is where air physically passes through filters. An inactive system is where ions attach themselves (chemistry) to an related other. SHARP can best describe their process by visiting their web site.

 filtersystem   The Pre-filter, Carbon filter and the Antimicrobial True HEPA Filter work together to capture air born particles and odours. This is the heart of an air purifier. The cleaner the filters are the cleaner the air is. Regular maintains as guided in the SHARP manual is an asset to breathing better.


Filter System and Two Reminder Lights
There are two reminder lights:

The mist unit needs to be washed according to the manual every two weeks-if used

The Active Carbon needs to be washed in light soapy water once every 2 months of continue use,

Filter System
The Pre-filter, Carbon filter and the Antimicrobial True HEPA Filter work together to capture air born particles and odours. This is the heart of an air purifier. The cleaner the filters are the cleaner the air is. Regular maintains as guided in the SHARP manual is an asset to breathing better.


Filters are easy with the manual to assemble. It comes pre assembled however for purity filters are in sealed bags.

The are four sensor which cover just about everything to keep your environment clean and safe to breath.

Hinge and Air Flow
 hingandfilter doorhingeair 

On the side
 pushbutton The fan draws air from around the unit. Through front and side air intake. The air purifier works to remove impure particles and odours from a volume of air. The chance of a perfectly clean room is un likely due to many circumstances. When the furnace is on dirt particles from other part of the home for example are added to the room with the air purifier. When windows and doors are open

Air Outlet
Clean air vents from the rear mostly and some from the front.
I found that on maximum fan for a few minutes,
would stir up enough dust to activate the
orange "Clean" indicator light.

model_fp_r65cx  feet 

Sharp® Plasmacluster™ Ion Air Purifier Model #FPR65CX
* recommended room size of 330 square. feet.
* unit is 16 23/32" w. x 10 3/32" d. x 24 7/16" h.
* built- in ionizer generates positive and negative ions
* ion indicator light
* 3 fan speeds
* full - function remote
* Antimicrobial True HEPA Filter

Updated September 29, 2006

See caution on the in side cover of the Sharp Manual that comes with the air purifier. I liked it so much that I was cleaning the filters every two weeks. Maybe that is not such a good idea, but than how would I know that cleaning more is not better. I like the Model FP-R65CX very much but after eight months, I began to notice that the air quality was not great anymore. The last cleaning two weeks ago, I had only vaccumed the charcoal and hepa filter. This time I would wash the carbon filter like it indicates in the manual. After washing the charcoal filter in a light kitchen soap and warm water as suggested, I noticed a sour odour from the charcoal. I washed the filter three times more letting it dry in between. Each wash the smell got worse and so I stopped. Had a look through the manual which only mentions a caution about the charcoal filter on the inside cover page of the manual. Articles on the internet (HowStuffWorks) suggests that charcoal has a non reusable surface.

Charcoal is very porous polutants adhere to its surface on average of 300-2,000 square meters coverage per gram. Some chemicals, and other pollutions bond to the charcoal, where they reside for good. Once all sites are occupied the charcoal will not absorb anymore. When charcoal is exhausted a unpleasant odour is given off. Washing charcoal will not renew or recharge it to its original. Once saturated charcoal will give off a foul acid smell. Active carbon may at this time contain toxic impurities that can be irritating to the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes. Reference The FPR65CX purifier unit actual sensed the foul odour from the active charcoal and cause the green clean air light to show orange until removed.

After runing the Sharp FP-R65CX air purifier, with the charcoal filter removed I could still detect the unpleasant odour at a reduced rate. The True Hepa Filter which is still clean enough to see a light source from the other side. The filter had satuated itself some how and after eight months I am wondering if it was worth buying in the first place. The replace filter comes with a True Hepa Filter and an Active charcoal for $190.80 Canadian Dollar. That is almost half the price of the Sharp FP-R65CX after only eight months

The following are some odours or chemicals that charcoal do not filter very well or use up the charcoal filter quicker: Alcoholic produces, heavey metals, Also not very effective against microbial contamination reff
Or chemicals which use up the charcoal much quicker than the suggested change period.

An Activated Charcoal filter help remove bad taste, odors, chlorine, organic chemicals, chemical fumes, gases, cigarette smoke, and pesticides, Activated Charcoal filters are not very effective against removing dust, microbial contamination like mold- the ion generator does this.

Activated Charcoal filter -


Second Disclaimer
Comments made by this writer are not necessary those attitudes of Waymore Webs.
We allow our writers the freedom to express themselves hopefully in a good and tasteful way. We do not sell this product, we only write about its' features. Although we do our best to research or test, misrepresentations sometimes does happen, sorry about that, please let us know and we will make corrections. It is our intentions that if you like this product you can visit the company that originally created it and buy it from them. We at Waymore Webs don't make a single penny from this review, but we are happy to do it for you our viewer. SHARP

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