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CD or DVD The Next Generation
Have you noticed that every year DVD rewriters are increasing in speed and their cost are going down. Now we are burning our own DVD disc at 8x and next year they will burn at 16x. The year after that they will burn at 32x, that is if computers can run fast enough to keep up with them. I remember buying my first CD-R burner. It was a SCSI connection and burned a 700 mega byte disc in about twenty six minutes. First it burned the disc in thirteen minutes and than it would verify the content that it had just written to the disc in another thirteen minutes. I bought this writer for my very first computer which had a cpu running at a speed of 145 mega-hertz and a single 2 gig hard drive which rotated at a speed of 7200 rotations per minute.

Are you confused about what to buy a burner or a writer, don't be cause they are both the same thing just in case you did not know that.

A Word of Warning
I found that if my hard drive had not been optimized that sometimes while burning a disc it would fail half way through. That was the same time that I had learned that breaking a CD in half was a bad idea. They do not snap in half like I had thought would happen, but shattered into a million pieces.

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
A couple of months ago before 8x DVD hit the shelves I bought a new CD - R writer that takes three minutes. I bought it to replace the player on my lap top. I could not find a replacement for the one that broke, and went for an external CD - R burner. I still wish that at the time I had bought a DVD burner because CD - R/RW are included with them. My next computer will have one since they come standard on most sold today. Seriously I believe that DVD will be one of our futures because it is the only way to condense what I have on CDs now. Just think how many less CDs will clutter my work area. One DVD 4.7 GB will hold about six and one half CDs. However DVD's have the potential in their designed to hold a total of 11 GB of information data. For a while their when a DVD cost more like 60.00 a piece writing to both sides was a good option. A DVD in stores now are cheaper if you buy them as a single side to write to. The cost to burn two disc actually will save you money and because they cost next to nothing 4.7 GB sounds good. When the need is there manufactures will develop the 11 GB DVD.

The First DVD
When blank single consumer DVD first came out I remember seeing prices like $60.00 per disc Canadian and than you were writing at one x. Today writing at 8x each disc can cost at the least about $1.50. Burners and software work much better together and chances of a failure happen less frequent and at a buck fifty your not going to lose any sleep over it.

Working Together in Harmony
It is important to have your equipment all functioning to run towards the same goal. A fast processor will be slowed down by a hard drive running at 4500 RPM. Most newer computers are fitted with faster running 7200 or 10,000 RPM Hard Drives. This is due to more consumers wanting to edit their own home videos and still camera photos. It is also due to newer games and their demand they make on computer. You can buy a computers off the self today with a hard drive starting with capacity of 160 GB and you can add an external up to as high as One Terabyte.


CD or DVD The Next Generation
Until we see music transfer over to DVD, cds will live a long life. Burners have long lives and are rated for five years or 50,000 hours of burn time. If you are shopping for a new cd burner and your computer was bought recently I would suggest you look for a combination CD-R and DVD - R writer. A combination will leave open the option to use both when you are ready. When you buy a burner / writer and the box suggest that it will burn a CD /DVD at 52x it may not. Your computers processor power will determine how fast a CD or DVD will burn., however if it connects by a USB 2.0 or Firewire you will be using it with your next more powerful computer.

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