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updated November 21, 2005

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Logitech® X - 230
Priced in Canadian Dollars
$79.95 or less


Presenting Logitech® X-230 Speaker System


I came across these Logitech® X-230  through a local flyer for half price. So I did some research and than went and bought them. I liked the power they offered which is 32 watts of normal power and peaking at 64 watts. I figured a set for me who occasional gamed but mainly for music listening However my nephew loves playing lots of games on his PC. I like what the Logitech® X-230 Speaker System has to offer besides loads of power. Good sound, good bass and looks good too.

Logitech® suggest many uses for  this speaker system.Any game system like the Sony Play Station®, Play Station2®, Play Station3, the XBox 360®, Game Cube®, a PC and Mac computer system. Generally the speaker system can be used for any audio device that has a 1/8 TH jack port supporting two channel stereo.

The Logitech® X-230 is a sharp looking quality made, Speaker System. It is easy to set up and use. The speakers produce a rich sound with little or no distortion. There is no hum or radio interference. The length between satellite tweeters is ample and the sub woofer also. I like the black color off set by silver tweeter speakers as seen in photos.

 subconectors  d_subconnector


How many of you out there in computer land read the manual before putting it together. The Logitech® X- 230 is really easy to put to gather. First you place the satellite speakers around your monitor. You can stand them up, mount them to a wall, or adjust a screw underneath the speaker's foot to change the speaker's angle.

I recommend for proper placement: that the sub woofer is in an open area and "not" under a desk or enclosure. The reason for this is that the sub woofer is a 5.25 inch speaker size. The larger the speaker such as a ten inch or twelve inch produce a smooth bass sound. You can achieve good sound if you place the speaker away from a wall, and it is left in the open. Let the port on the sub enclosure do the job it was intended for. This sub woofer can reach as low as 40 HZ. By using these instructions you won't experience a harsh sound which is more irritating than a normal set up. If you want the boom sound when playing a game than turn the volume on the sub woofer  up to volume10. Your ears will focus on the the sub woofer. When the sub woofer is placed on the floor, in the open, I found that the bass becames omnidirectional like any larger sub woofer does normally. When listening the bass registered from the satellite speakers, surrounding the monitor.

While facing the computer's monitor, the right satellite speaker has a cord with a D - Sub connector. The D - Sub connector is attached to a D- sub connection on the back of the sub woofer. Two more connections and the speaker system will be ready to be used.

 frontcontrolx  bothcontrols

Controls are Well Laid Out

Volume controls are found: either on the back of the sub woofer or on the right satellite speaker. Both controls are well marked and easy to use. On the front right satellite speaker there is a green light to let you know that the total system is on. An on / off push button for powering up or down the total system. A volume control on the right satellite speaker can be moved continuous from a plus symbol which indicate volume is increasing or move the volume knob in the other direction towards a minus symbol will decrease volume sound. For private listening you can plug head phone into a provided jack on the satellite speaker. The head phone jack will accommodate a 1/8 TH male input. If you want to use a 1/4 inch size you will need to buy an adapter.

Plugging head phones into the speaker jack does not shut the main satellite speakers off. The volume for the satellite speakers need to be turned down towards the minus symbol. The sound coming through your head phone is set to one level and can not be adjusted to accommodate other levels of sound. The head phones that were used in this review had an in line volume control which turned down the volume and is recommended if you plan on using head phone for private listening.

 sub5speaker  subport

twotweeters   minispeakerjack

The Logitech X- 230 use a high- tech sub woofer which can adjusts itself dynamically to deliver distortion- free bass. The two wall - mountable satellite speakers use Logitech´s patented FDD2™ technology to eliminate the uneven sound response created by conventional dual- driver designs. The result: is a clear, uniform sound field without the "hot spots" and inconsistency of other dual - driver satellites. FDD means Frequency Directed Dual Drivers.

speakerscrew1a   subfeet

Speaker Adjustment

The speaker comes out of the box, tilted at about a thirty degree angle up. On the bottom of each satellite speaker is a single adjustable Philips metal screw. This allows for tilting the satellite speaker in other positions. The plastic base of the satellite speaker also can accommodate hanging each speaker on a wall. On the base of each satellite speaker are four rubber non slip pads. They are good for keeping the speaker in one place

On the bottom side of the sub woofer are four non slip rubber  pads. These rubber  pads lift the sub woofer slightly off the ground and protect from scuffing the box. The rubber pads help the sub woofer from any movement should it move during full volume. I have never seen this sub woofer move on its' own yet.


  • Frequency Directed Dual Driver (FDD2) satellite technology produces a uniform sound field for full, rich sound
  • Dynamic, real-time bass equalization maximizes bass response while minimizing distortion.
  • Ported sub woofer design displaces more air for deeper bass
  • Headphone jack enables private listening
  • Master volume and sub woofer level controls placed for quick, convenient access.
  • Satellite speaker stands rotate for easy wall - mounting

Technical Specifications
  • Total RMS power: 32 watts RMS
    * Satellites: 12 watts RMS (6 watts x 2)
    * Sub woofer: 20 watts RMS
  • Total peak power: 64 watts
  • Frequency response: 40Hz - 20kHz
  • Drivers:
    * Satellites: (2) 2" drivers per satellite or
    * Satellites: (2) 5.08 cm drivers per satellite
    * Sub woofer: 5.25" ported driver or
    * Sub woofer: 13.34 cm ported driver
  • Speaker dimensions (H x W x D):
    * Satellites: 8" x 2.5" x 3" or
    * Satellites: 20.32 cm x 6.35 cm x 7.62 cm
    * Sub woofer: 9" x 6" x 9.25"
    * Sub woofer: 22.86 cm x 15.24 cm x 23.50 cm
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: >96dB


What Comes In The Box
  • Speakers:
    2 satellites
    1 sub woofer
  • Color - coded audio cables
  • 2 - year limited warranty
  • User manual


 Final Remarks


  • Comes with a two year warranty
  • Twenty watt sub woofer
  • Long length connectors
  • Variable Volume on Satellite speakers
  • Variable Volume on sub woofer speaker
  • Head phone Jack on Satellite for private and
    easy connection
  • Controls are well marked and easy to use
  • Excellent Signal - to - noise ratio: >96dB


  • No over load fuse protection
  • No mention of being shielded - for close to monitor placement
  • No treble adjustment
  • No volume adjustment on head phones for private listening


  • I strongly recommend the Logitech® X-230 for 2.1 stereo sound
  • Offers excellent sound quality for size.
  • Offers 32 watts of power and up to 64 watts of mind numbing
  • The satellites look good on your computer desk.
  • The sub woofer looks good sitting anywhere on the floor
  • Price is right - good time of the year to buy on sale

Logitech® X-230 Photo Gallery go here

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