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updated June 13, 2005

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$40.00 or less

Can this Robot act/think like the one Will Smith had played against in the movie,"I Robot".Let me think about it for a second, and the answer is no. I have developed my own liking to one day own my own robot. Robots come in all shapes and sizes. However like most newer movies today it is the human form that we most often prefer than not. In science we witness robots to come in forms far from looking anything but human. Robots range from a pin size to housed in several rooms. This photo above is it a robot because it moves and looks like one or is it just a toy ? According to the dictionary a robot is a computer which runs automatically.

In the next several articles I will show you places were robots are used that most of us did not know. For example the car industry has been using robots to build cars for at least ten years. Sony has sold to the consumer a robotic dog called the AIBO which can actually learn. Other robots just run a single program given to them by a programmer. The robot in this article can run a few different but limited programs and in is limitations is a great place of introducing robots to first timers. for the rest of this article my focus will be on this red eyes robot.

On off switch

All robots need an off / on way for power to flow among their electronic circuits.

This robot will go to sleep when inactive for a period of time.and the red button will activate the unit after inactivity or for the first time after switching it to the on position.

Besides two dance numbers, this robot will move back wards, forwards, one step either backwards or forwards, turn left of right and turn the head 180 degrees in either direction.

Just to make more interesting this robot from the slot of her mouth comes a shooting felt disc. Lots of fun and unlikely to break most objects or hurt anyone, but do where eye protection should you be standing in front of its' mouth. Comes with two packages of felt discs.

Comes with its very own remote, to activate motion and direction. Gives you a choice of two dance routines you want her to perform first. She likes to play music, talk and reminds you that she is going into sleep mode very soon.

The robot unit take four double "A" batteries and runs for a very long time. The control unit take double "A" batteries and also run for a long time

This robot get movement from two black rubber drive wheels a long with a walking motion made by its legs.


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