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What Is in this study
for 2006
New Information for 2006.
 The Purpose of this Count Is?

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Waymore Webs Reaches World Wide

Updated on May 7, 2007

Visiting Country

Visitors in 2007
From January to April 30

 Estimated Visitor Count for
January to April, 2007: 671,442

All New Countries per month will be in Red for at the least
One Month and than
Yellow for the rest of the year.

Visiting Country Present

Canada/ United States (All) /Australia/ Yugoslavia/ Bahamas/ Belgium/ Bolivia /
Botswana / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Brazil/ Columbia / Costa Rica / Croatia (Hrvatska) /
Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / Finland / France / Germany /
Greece / Honduras / Hong Kong /  Hungary /  Iceland / India /
Indonesia /  International (int) / Israel / Italy / Japan / Malaysia /
Mexico / Moldova / Morocco / Netherlands / New Zealand / Niue /
Non Profit Organization / Norway / Old style Arpanet (arpa) /
Pakistan / Peru / Philippines / Poland / Portugal / Romania /
Russian Federation /  Samoa / Saudi Arabia / Seychelles /
Singapore /  South Africa / Spain / Sri Lanka / Sweden /
Switzerland / Thailand / Trinidad and Tobago / Turkey / Tuvalu /
Tuvalu /  United Kingdom / United Arab Emirates / Ukraine / Uruguay / Yugoslavia /

NEW Visitors in 2007
   Time Period   Total Visitors
   January 1 to December 31, 2007 Estimated visitors: NA

Visitors in 2006
   Time Period One Month at a Time  Total Visitors
   January 1 to December 31 Estimated visitors: 1,256,943

Visitors in 2005
   Time Period One Month at a Time  Total Visitors
   January 1 to December 31 Estimated visitors: 653,815

Visitors in 2004  
   Time Period One Month at a Time  Total Visitors
   January 1 to December 31 Estimated visitors: 465,581

Visitors in 2003  
   Time Period One Month  Total Visitors
   January 1 to December 31 Estimated visitors: 298,515

Visitors in 2002
   Time Period   Total Visitors
   January 1 to December 31, 2002 Estimated visitors: 107,249

Visitors in 2001
   Time Period   Total Visitors
   January 1 to December 31, 2001 Estimated visitors: 77,129


What is being tracked here in this study?

1. The World Wide Web is global and we are interested in Knowing where Waymore Webs is being received. Only countries are available in this count. No personal information is obtained ever.

Added March new information for 2006
2. Our software will only visually track 30 countries per month. Countries visiting our web site in the first week of each new month are accounted for in that month. The first week or a count of 30 countries determines who is counted in that month. Counting starts from the first day of a new month and stops at the last day of that month. The study is on going, and is based on a one year period. The study starts with the month of January and ends with the month of December. The first time a country is accounted for in any given month, it will remain in the list above for a period of one year during the study period. During a visit the software determines the country viewing our web site and one credit is logged in the "Visitors" column list above.

3. We can not track one individual nor would we want too. Your identity is safe in this study.

4. Our email address is provide for individual who my want to write us for questions or article recognition.. After you have emailed us your questions and you have received a satisfying answer. Your email information is not saved by Waymore Webs or sold to anyone.

5. THE PURPOSE OF THIS COUNT: is we are interested in knowing where Waymore Webs is being received, and for those advertising with Waymore Webs. If you are interested in advertising with us you know our volume of readers are growing each day and each month. Our month average this year 2006, has been 10,000 new readers per month. Advertising on the Waymore Webs site is reasonable sound investment and very cost efficient to you.

6. This study has been made public for your own interest and curiosity.

7. All money generated from advertising, books, software, and anything else, goes right back into the Waymore Webs Site here. The intent of this web site is for: Education and Public Awareness..

Thank you for stopping by. We at Waymore Webs have enjoyed sharing our knowledge with you. We can be reached by email "See ContactUs in the navigational bar above,"for any questions that you might have.

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