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To Snoop or Not to Snoop

By Trina

Well, I'm back finally to write another article. My apologies if anyone has been missing me, but as they say I've been busy, busy ,busy. But for the topic of this article their was a fairly large debate as to the good vs the bad. Which I hope that you will respond too and let me know where you stand on it.

So today's topic is the internet search that you can do on a person or persons that you are dating.

CyberSpy Detective
Because information is power!

- Find college roommates, old girlfriends/boyfriends
- Create a map with directions right to a person's door
- Get anyone's bank account information
- Credit reports
- Driver's records

What started this was the commercial that we saw on television asking if we were seeing someone, if so what did we know about that person. Well by going on line you could find out background on that person, their past indiscretions, or in plain English their screw ups. By going to this site you could find out everything you ever didn't want to know and more.

Which really started a lively debate among us. There are both good and bad repercussions from doing such a thing. Some pointed out that it would make them feel safer about who they were dating to know more about them. But, it was also pointed out that wasn't that the point of dating. I mean even if say my parents heard about this guy I was dating. They got his full name and ran a check on him, and say that they found out that he had done some bad but not really serious stuff. Well, if they came and told me about it I would be either really pissed off, which would cause a really big family fight maybe. Or I would continue dating him to piss them off and enjoy it because it was exciting.

That was the biggest argument or rather discussion that I've had with them in a long time. But when put to the others how they would feel if they were the ones being checked out. Well that was a totally new ball game. There were comments of that's an invasion of privacy to why would they do that. They had nothing to hide so whatever works. For the females of the group it was a split down the middle as to it being wrong or right. But, in this day an age the biggest argument was that there are a lot of crazes out there and it might not be a bad idea. But again no agreement could be reached. Even I am undecided due to the fact that I try to see it from both sides of the picture. I can see where it would be a reassuring thing to do but again I would be really ticked off if someone did it to me. They could find out about my checkered past from childhood, thank you very much. So I wasn't an angel, but then how many of us ever were when we were teens.

So to say the least I could really use some more input and opinions on this. I will bring it up with my group and see what happens and let you know. So is it good or is it bad tell me your opinion.

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