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Trian's Article Archives 2001

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last updated February 10, 2002

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Well, things for this dinosaur have been a little rough lately. It has for everyone in the world one way or another. At this point I am trying to once again make friends with my computer. I was away from it for quite awhile, boy did it let me have it. The darn thing wouldn't let me into it. I had
security locks on it, since I was going to be away. Would the silly thing really let me in again. No siree, it wouldn't, it behaved like a disgruntled girl/boy friend. You know the ones that you get so busy sorting things out, putting out fires, that you neglect. Or I guess you could say neglect to
appreciate to their satisfaction.

Well this baby here did a good job in telling me I'd neglected it. It wasn't the couch or the doghouse. No it was the computer from hell. I tried a bunch of stuff that friends , co - workers , fellow dinosaurs suggested. But, to no avail, then this really super computer lady saved my relationship.

I was just about ready to take the hammer to it, my fist might have been bruised. And put both of us out of our misery. She mumbled something about beginners, patience , the dreaded word neglect. Low and behold she got my computer to talk to me again, I had a lot of "undoing" or "updating" to do. I'm not sure which but I was thrilled to have my computer, I mean my dear computer back with me once again. Ready to start off our relationship once again, with sore , bad feelings on both sides.

Everybody keeps saying it takes time, but please, how much time is it going to take? I mean I was doing about kindergarten level before, now I feel like I am back in nursery school. But, I guess that is progress since I was able to make it this far without being shut down, electrocuted or anything else.

I only hope that you enjoyed this story of the computer lock- out / on strike. If any of you have any ideas for me this dinosaur would be glad to listen.

Till next time :-).

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