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Trian's Article Archives 2001

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My Time

Well my time of the year is creeping up with the speed of a snail. There are a few things I want to try this year in my own Haunted House. The best part so far is the planning of it, there is quite a bit of interest in when we will set things up or start too. Wasn't sure I was going too due to to much vandalism in my yard but I am still planning in my head. Folks of all ages are asking about what I put in my cauldron on this night. But, the answer is always the same family secret no one outside the family will know. It is nice to see and hear of the interest in what and when things will be happening . We get questions from all ages and even
some of the school bus drivers are curious and waiting. I think the best bit of interest is from the special needs kids bus drivers. They go a little out of their way to bring their kids by to see how the house and yard transform as the big day approaches. It is good to be out in the yard watching their faces push into the glass to get a look. One driver even said that it makes for a great game to see who can find what has changed as time goes by in the yard. It is rewarded with high praise and sometimes a little prize.

Knowing this makes me feel a little better, that I am making a few kids feel a part of the excitement that I was feeling when I was young. I always enjoyed the houses where it was a challenge to get the candy from. This year I am still leery of setting up, vandalism aside, some neighbors believe that something bad & evil is going on in and at this house. But, that wasn't what I wanted when I started doing what I do. I always felt like I said a sense of accomplishment to get really scared and face it with the candy at the end. I didn't want
to be hurt , nor do I want to hurt anyone. I just want the kids and adults to have some special memories of times past that are being forgotten in this so called Modern World. I live in an area with a mix of older and younger families, some of which are new to this area some who have been here since I have. We usually have a great turn out from all over, as far away as Rio De Janeiro to as close as Canmore, Cochrane and so on. Many of the older people that I know and talk to have said that I have brought back some very good happy memories that they have forgotten. They appreciate that I try to have fun and they like the fact that they can share this with their children & grand children.

Last year was a banner year I was not as involved as I usually am , my child decided that they wanted a chance at it. What they soon learned was that I made it look easy when it was actually a lot of work. A bunch of people had to help get the stuff ready in time but it did well and I was impressed. But, it may have been the final swan song or haunting song for this household.

If you have an opinion I'd love to hear it. Please let me know. Thanks




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