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updated on September 28,2005

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September 2005 Editorial


We have been more busy out side the office this year than any other year, and inactivity on this web site. During 2004 we did a much needed upgraded to our hardware. Monitors, computers, printers-well were still looking for that perfect all in one, and scanner to just name a few. All in all were happy with the hardware we ended up with.

You can not have an upgrade of hardware without new software to go with it. We in the past eight years we have used mainly Adobe as our main software supplier for web and graphic design to work on a variety of project for our customers.

In 2004 we still were using Adobe software and also decided to introduced Macromedia to our office as well. In the beginning of 2005 customers of Macromedia would learn that Adobe had purchased Macromedia for a large sum of money. This take over would officially take place sometime in 2006 if court and other legal approved. In the mean time Macromedia was running under the existing name. The success of MX Studios 2004 place Macromedia as the front runner and most used software by professional in this field.

At the end of the last quarter of this year Macromedia has launched another new version of Macromedia Studio 8 which promises to place more digital device in position where a web page can be viewed. This encouraged better looking video, incredible effects on a page and support wireless hand held devices where the market is moving towards.

The future is still rocky I would say since it is not known at the time of writing which parts of Macromedia and their software Adobe will axe from future releases. Adobe also bought out Golive a once thought to be a top notch software program for web design. The most recent release of Golive receive a two out of five stars in reviews by major Mac and PC magazines.

Adobe is world renown by Macintosh and PC computer users in the graphic industry for excellent software programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects. Adobe will be in our day to day work and home environment for years to come.


One area on this web site that I would like to see grow is for computer enthusiast to write in about their computer. We are looking for any topic that as long as it is your own written story. I would like to have stories about what you like or do not like about your computer. Do you own a Macintosh or PC and operating system. I would be interested in seeing gamer writers here.

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