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Archieves from 2002


By Steven
revised February 03, 2002

I have tacken time to revise this editorial in part which was written this past December. I was going to write something else but found that this article tells you my reason for changing the Waymore Webs web site into what it is today and where we are going tomorrow.

We have had quite a year here at Waymore Webs. We originally started out to use this web site to sell our business that would be to create, build and maintain web sites. The difference from our competitors is that we build great web sites that don't have to cost you a bundle of money. However we found that the bulk of our new customers were referred to us by old customers. So we decided to use this web site for something else that would be more practical to you and our costumers.

We found in our relationship with our new costumer that there were words, software, and many other things that they did not know and wanted to learn about. This is where the rebirth of this web site came from later in the year. We began to take time out to create a place where customers and internet users could go, to find out more about how to use their software, hardware or internet browser. To learn about a new product or how to use an old program. We added a few pages where you could go and visit other web sites. We tried to find web sites that would offer learning opportunities that we did not cover. We included many of the web sites created by Waymore Webs.

We wanted to do something special and different for you. It is still my hope that this site continues to grow and is able to fit the needs of views and clients alike. So far this is what we have come up with. The nice thing about our web site is that there is something new almost every week that you can download and use absolutely free.

We want to create a place where almost anyone could put up their own article, our only one rule is that the topic has to be about computers. We have brought in the occasional writer, and artist too. We tried Poser art, Photoshop how to do articles and Illustrator artprojects. We have introduced you to the flatbed scanner and how to use one. We made it even easier to find art by adding a clip art gallery. Our gallery is completely free to you with the idea that your using it for your own use and is not for resale. We have been triing to updated our gallery almost every week or every holiday.

We have tried to maintain an updating schedule of every Sunday and at times have added content during the week. I personally have enjoyed reading your questions, and comments. We have writen back to many through articles here on the site in the hope that you and others will learn and enjoy using your computer. It is in my continued hope that future viewers like yourself will write down your experiences of examples of problems that you had found solutions too and now want to share with others in an article . I have a friend who I had introduced to ICQ and now I have to reach him by cell cause his phone is busy every night while he is chatting to others and his newly met online girlfriend. I look forward to reading an article about his ICQ experiences someday.

Most of you have by now have seen Peter who works for a major Airline and is a major contributor. Peter is a close friend who has traveled the world. You can rest assure that your flying in a well maintained aircraft, cause that is what Peter does, "maintain air crafts." Peter is a master of email and has sent me a many cartoons, stories and other entertaining articles. When he is visiting Peter like to shop for fine looking clothing and party with his friends.

Steve is an artist by trade and uses his computer daily to create many master pieces. Steve main profession is owning and operating a is pad printing business. If you are interested or want to know more on what this is go visit their web site. Steve is a master of Adobe Illustrator and has taught me many tricks. You can see an ad on the links page that will take you to their web site.

Trina is a cook working on a horse ranch and is a computer user by night. She has from time to time written articles sharing her experiences.

Of coarse there is Steven, who is the companies owner and over seer. I write many of the articles and reviews that you see here. I have a professional back ground, training in computer graphics and computer languages. I was self taught on an XT and eventually moved into the Macintosh environment, base on the idea at the time that they were your only choice if you were interested in video editing. Well versed in Adobe software and Macromedia software too

Well once again I want to thank all of you for making last year a success. We meet people from all around the world. I want to thank those of you who sent cards and wrote in during the month of November. I am slowly getting back at what I love and that is writing for this web site. I look forward to this New Year 2002, and all the surprises and teachings that you and I will experience. I want to wish you and your family the very best in this new year. Also that you should have a happy, healthy and prosper year to come. Best wishes to you all. Bye for now I hope to write more editorials soon.



By Steven
April 1, 2002

Changes Are Under Way

Changes are under way even as I write Aprils editorial. Many of you have asked in your email to us, what is going on here lately? For the last few months we have been doing some early spring cleaning of this site. Some of the information is coming up to two years and has out dated itself. We have also taken a hard look at areas that were not of any interest and are in the process of removing them.

We have had a shift of new people contributing when they were able too. However we at Waymore Webs would print articles as we received them. On the rarest of occasions this does not always work in favor of the reader especially if writing stops in the middle of a topic. Some of our regulars such as Trina, Peter and myself contributed more this year towards articles and helpful topics.

We added much more clip art cause you asked for it. The Link pages to other interesting web sites has sparked a huge interest and as of last week we had accumulated 1000 places for you to visit. Reviews have been a large interest and at the same time have taken a back seat while spring cleaning continues. Due to lack of room I have hesitated in putting new sections up as well as maintaining the reviews. This should change very shortly and I thank you for your on going patients. As you might know by now this web site has been an outlet for me to help inform you and others about all kinds of interesting topics. Reviews are a great way to gather information before having to go out and have a sales person persuade you into buying something they want you to buy. The more informed you are the better you are in making your own decision when your money is involved.

Explosion of Computers Coming Out

In the coming months there will be surprises to make up for all your patients for you sticking with us as we clean out the old and make way for the new. It has been an exciting year in all areas of computing. With the explosion of faster cpu, computers are coming out with full multi - media capabilities. Both Apple and Sony have been creating excellent computers to make you a at home desk top multi - media expert. Their software will put you in the directors chair. Also now on some selected machine you can have your finished product burned to a DVD to show all your friends.

Prices are still low enough for almost everyone to upgrade or buy new. Computer and hard drive speeds are impressive enough to burn information to a DVD and handle most of your multi - media needs as well. Digital still cameras are still priced high enough to make older
2 Meg cameras reasonably priced for consumers. The DV- Cam have dropped price considerable in the last two years and many are able to produce web ready stills along with quicktime or Avi video. The computer market right now is still showing favor for the consumer. Most computer related items are priced for just about everyone to benefit from.

On Track Again

Look forward to Review One and Two being completed in April. However also remember that we are reviewing each and every software program use on both the Apple and the Sony Studio computers. So if the review goes onto May, at least you know that you have an in - depth and complete review. Clip Art will continue all though you might see holidays on a rotation rather than having access all year round. Ten new web links will continue to be put up each week and new sections will continue to be introduced. I would like to continue weekly updates rather than going to a bi - monthly or once a month routine. So bare with me a while longer if you see daily posting for a while longer, have faith and thing will return as they once were soon. Very soon our spring cleaning will be all complete for this year. I want you to know that you are always welcome to write to us about anything. If you have a questions ask us. If you have an article that you want to share with others then send it to me. Until next time have fun and keep on computing.


June 2002 Editorial


In the last several months we have been experimenting to see what our reader want most here. Sometimes we took an idea like reviewing DVD but those readers who email indicated that this was not most requested. We continued to write reviews on products that we felt were interesting and useful. We answered letters on topics of interest and researched and wrote on them. We turned this year to reviews on digital cameras and DV camcorders, cause that was what you asked for. We tried our had at game reviews and even though many of you wrote in to say thanks we felt that this area was best left for game sites.

Tried New Things

We added more sections such as this page just so that you could follow our progress. We added new writers to the list that presently exists. We where able to pay this year for articles written by readers like you who were interested in computers. We were approached by companies for sponsorship in exchange for long term Advertising. We are always looking for sponsors or  those who would like to advertise on this web site.

The Volume of Readers Here

Our biggest boast was to see the volume of readers here expand from last years count. Last year we averaged between 4,000  to 6,000 readers and ended the year with an average of 77,129. This year we have been averaging between 6,000  to 7,500 readers per - month and we expect to reach well over 100,000 by the end of the year. We kept a count so that we could justify why advertising on this web site was a good idea. We want you to know that we are reaching - out to people all over the world. We also wanted you to know that advertising here is cost efficient. Much more reasonable than advertising in the yellow pages or your local paper. On our pages your ad reached a much greater audience. One good example was Miracle Print which is located here in Calgary and through there ad on this web site and their web site obtain large business and log term customers from the United States. We also wanted individuals to feel that there was an affordable solution for them too. For the individual could afford to advertise their needs and be cost efficient. Such as the K2 car which we are proudly able to say sold with in four working days of going up on our web site.

You Can Always Reach Us - It Is Easier Now

I have been trying to make calling us easier all the time. I tried several times to put up a message board, but there is that red tape that stands in our way each time. The program is set to go, but unforeseen limitations still stand in our way. So in the mean time we are using our contact page and or one of the many email address. We have even set up an email address on the hot mail server which you are welcome to use. Try this email address: or click here or our main email at: same as this address

We Are Making A Difference In Your Life

We do receive emails and written letters from many who say they come to read reviews, or learn something new about their computers each month. We respond to questions and answer them on line in the hope to help others.

We Are Here For You

This web site was originally set up to encourage new internet and computer users positive experiences. We found that during service and house calls that many of our clients had know idea how their computers worked or how to keep it functioning like new. Many people were unsure how to use their browser correctly and often followed the same daily rituals - wrong or right.

We Learn A Lot From You Our Readers

It can not go with out say that we learned a lot too from you. It is a two way street here and we learned much from our readers, writers, and customers. We have enjoyed serving you and we look forward to many years ahead in doing what we like best in doing and that is helping people like you and I have the best possible experiences while on their computers. I Steven thank you for helping to make Waymore Webs site successful in helping you to enjoy your time while on your computer.Thank you again.

Any Other Try

Again I ask of you if you have anything you want to share about computers or related topics. Send them to use via email or mail and we will pay you for them. Tell your friends about us. If you want to sponsor us we will exchange this for advertising. If you want to advertise with us we can design your banner or set up a page or two. All you need to do it email us your request.

Bye for now,

Wishing you all the best,




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