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My Review 
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Original Review 2003

January 12, 2003
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New Update

December 28, 2005
 Is still alive and well.

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Prices as of December 2005
Price $250.00 Canadian
Price $130.00 US


Which One Is iCyber Dog?
Mojo  iCyber 

iCyber Dog
Like most animated toys this one takes a zillion batteries to operate. It comes with a closed battery pack which holds about 16 AA cells and needs to be recharged for about sixteen hours. During the recharging cycle the battery pack heats up and is hot to touch. So charge the pack in a cool place this might increase the life of the batteries. Each time i - Cybie is turned on he will take a few seconds to run a series of check on all of his internal systems.

My Description


 Original Price:$199.95US
Now Only:$129.95
I bought it for: $75.00 Canadian

i-Cybie Artificial Intelligence Robotic Dog

Over View

  • Sixteen motors which will allow i- Cybie to roll over, lie down, dance, shake and even pee.
  • Has the capabilities to resemble movements of a real dog.
  • Recognizes 2 separate voice activated programmed
  • Wags its tail when happy and responds to petting
  • Eye color changes to show mood and state
  • Manual supplies
  • Charger and battery packs supplied
  • Also comes in Bronze
  • Ninety day warranty
  • Measures from nose to tail it is 33 centimeters (13 inches) long and 30 centimeters (12 inches) high and 17.7 centimeters (7 inches) wide.
  • Weighs 1.8 Kilograms (4 pounds)


A robotic dog that is fun and that almost everyone can afford. A dream come true for people who would like a dog but suffer with asthma. A real dog has hair, the iCybie dog has no hair and there is no clean up either. No dog walking and there will not be any furniture to chew on either. Could this be the new i-Cybie robotic dog, the future dog that you would want to own right now?

This loving, lovable pet is much more than a battery operated toy. Can you say advanced "artificial intelligence" with an array of sensors and motors which give him a remarkably life like qualities. Sixteen motors give this doggie its full range of motion. The dog will roll over, lie down, dance, shake and lift a leg to pee. Infrared sensors help i-Cybie's puppy get accustomed to his surroundings. He will turn away from objects which are in his path blocking his way. He will operate threw two voice - recognition programming which help him learn his owner's commands. You can only use one program per start up season with the dog. Use either the talk program which has selected voice commands that you can learn. Or you can use clapping commands to activate some dog functions. The i-Cybie is obediently able to follow your voice commands. Held in your hand is a supplied wireless remote control which has the i-cyber dog performing one of twelve PRE - programmed behaviors and actions.  

  Programmed to be friendly and affectionate, i-Cybie wags his tail when happy and cheers up when pressure- and heat- sensitive sensors will detect a loving pat. When it gets dark, a light sensors in i-Cybie's head tell him it's time to sleep. And if he's hungry, he won't chew shoes or knock over garbage cans - he'll just go into a sitting lotus position to let you know he needs his battery recharged.

Caustion: We found that real dogs do not get along with iCybie and may try to eat it.

Runs on one 12 volt rechargeable pack and 3 LR44 button - cell batteries (included);
The remote uses 2 AAA batteries (included). We had a lot of fun with it during the holidays. You do decide to get one too I think that you will have fun to. However it will never replace the company you get from having a real dog. So Mojo your home is still our home.

Supplied Manual


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