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December 14, 2002
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Toms Computer Look Out

I was prepared to visit Tom at his home and find a computer with a big hole in the front. It is certain that with a whole lot of frustration and a solid fist or foot to your computer - will do some damage. In this case it was a pushed in CD - RW drive. It started back when the present operating system Microsoft 98 that came with the machine was upgraded to XP home edition. Hearing great things about this new operating system he did not hesitate to load it into his super fast computer.

Tom is a musical genius with a cd collection of top notch sounds and music to prove it. A hard drive full of musical interludes waiting to be corralled onto a single burned CD-R CD. The new XP comes with a lot of programs that you hope you will use. However what happens if you want to use a second party software program like Roxi Create a disc. The answer is, "Too Bad Sucker" cause you can not. It just so happened that if you try and access any musical software that XP knows and will intercept with it's own software. Tom remove the XP music player from his hard drive, but there was a remnant still left behind. We looked and saw that the file of the program on the hard drive had indeed been deleted. Now looking forward to Roxi many new features Tom clicked on their icon and with out a single second in passing XPs music program popped up with a vengeance. Roxi was still sitting idle on Toms hard drive waiting for someone to call upon it. Almost sounds like Microsoft has engage its own firewall to protect against the use of any ones using a third party software.

Toms has been eying the Macintosh since his fiasco with XP. Often having had the opportunity to see the cool workings of Apples latest OS 10.2 system has left him very interested in learning more. One other feature I think Tom will like is that all of Apples new computers are dual processors. Now that means that you can have twice the fun as you had before. I know that Tom shoots a lot of video. These computers are perfectly fit for processing and editing volumes of video and sound. Hold it Tom you would be easily able to lay down your musical sound tracks along side of your video- now is that cool or what?

The moral of this story is if you want to save yourself some money try kicking the waste paper container rather than the computer.

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