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Steven Owner and Director; Web Master, web programing, graphic illustrator, digital arts, general animator, layout designer, banner art, and art design. Enjoys: video editing, still photography and computer trouble shooting. Has an extensive knowledge of the Macintosh Platform and current software. Also has a good understanding of Window based computers and computer trouble shooting. Currently uses all major graphic software. We work with Adobe and Macromedia software. Other software includes: Flash 4, to Poser 3 &4 and many more. Use the Steven button above to access his pages. Access Steven here - nick named Cool Man in 2005, and Mac Man in 2006 and Gadget Man in 2007- 2008.


Peter C Is a commercial air craft maintains mechanic. Likes shopping for fine clothing. Is an out doors person. Likes to roller blade, rock climbing, hiking and fine dining. Use the Peter button above to access his pages. Access Peter here

Trina A corresponding writer . Cooks and bakes professional. She brings her own writing style to you. Writes in her own way about the challenges that the computer has brought for her. Shares her own lessons with those experiencing a similar situation. It is her hope that her experiences shared will help other computer users. Access Trina here

Tom Communications expert. Has extensive knowledge of the Mp3 compression and the ICQ network. Access Tom here - nick named Pocketman in 2006

Kyle nick named Wolf - Will be occasionally adding his skill and knowledge of personal liked games. He enjoys playing games on the X-Box, Sony Play Station 2 and most recent, World of Warcraft, on line using his computer - Tower Power. I personally feel the high tech gamer needs to upgrade his computer every six months. Access to Kyle - nick named Miniman in 2006

Banners animations, banners, test images, movies, pictures and sometimes sounds too. Use the banner button above to access this page.

Join Our Team. We are always looking for good: writers, programmers, artists, reviewers, technical, wizards, and if you have something to offer, and: who have computer experiences. Send your resume, the position you are interested in and expected salary. If you live outside Canada, let us know where your from. Use the contact us button.

Employment Opportunity: If you would like to join the Waymore Webs team email us your resume. Tell us why you want to work for us and what talents you have to offer.

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