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I am an External Storage Junky

I was told that my only help is to come forward and admit that I am a storage junky. Over the years of owning a computer the hard drive that came with it (2 GB) ran out of space on it. So I purchased a one GB Jazz drive from Lacie. I liked the drive so much that I bought fifteen 1 GB cartridges. The only problem with having so many was where to put them all. I never to this day found a container that you could buy to house them all but instead used a small box with the front cut away. I liked the jazz for saving photo images, avi, movies and the likes. I liked using it because motion was a joy to save and play back from them too.

Than the thought of video came to mind and I did not want to buy a RAID system cause I never need to with the Jazz and everything seemed to work fine. But my system was old and the old drive were getting harder to find. So I purchased another 4.5 external hardrive from Lacie. This drive I was going to use as my new system drive and use the old for storing system software as I did before. After a month of having the new had drive I had wished that I would have purchased the 9.1 GB instead. This drive started to fill up with images photos and mpegs too. These mpegs take the most space on any media.

Than I bought a newer computer and SCSI was no longer excepted on that machine. I needed a floppy drive too, and my only option was to get a Super Disk. A new format and Jazz disk would not fit, no I needed either to use a normal floppy or a super disk. So I bought 10 disk and off I went. I liked this drive cause it was USB and I had add a PCI card in my old computer too. I liked the disk because they held more stuff than a normal floppy but. That but was that they were slower than the jazz. Did I say slow I meant real slow, but it was better than nothing, and if you have the time there good for backing up daily stuff. Stuff like accounting, and photos from a days shoot, stories of text, and the likes. The super Disk looks like a over sized floppy and are about as destructible as one too. Well this was not going to do cause my disc were filling up and from time to time. I was starting to run into problem with the Jazz player. The disk don't last for ten years like they said they would try two to three years of constant use. I would have complete disk failure where getting the information off the failing cartridge was a challenge in itself. But I need somewhere to store that information. So I bought a CD writer by Yamaha.

Actually the CD Writer is a rewriter but I have never used that part of it. I found that the writable disc are cheaper than the rewriter and so cheep was what I liked. I bought ten disc to start but I have to say that today I've got a lot more. The thing I like the most about writing to a CD is that they don't fail as often and they have a better shelve life than the other storage devises. So now I find myself saving from the hard drive to a CD and than erasing from the hard drive to have fill up with more CD to be burned later material. I like the Cd but it only holds 650 MB of information and once it is burned to the cd it is not movable. Like the Jazz I was able to delete or move folders together parts of the same cartridge. So if I wanted to stay with the Jazz I had to upgrade to the 2GB jazz cause they did not make the one GB jazz anymore.

At the time that the 1 GB cartridges were failing I thought that the player was dying too so I went and bought the 2GB player. But Iomega decided not to include a cartridge with the player. The cartridges were over two hundred dollars and the place that I bought it did not have any in stock. So left the machine un used for several months, (bad idea) and continued t use the Cd writer to back up. When I did finally find a deal and bought 2GB cartridges I found that the player would not work correctly. Now it did say in the set up to get rid of any existing software that could run other jazz players. Well I have not got to that place yet cause for some reason after loading drivers for the 2 GB player the 1 GB player started to work again. So I hesitate to take the old drivers out on the fear that both plays won't work than. But one day I'll have to be brave and clean up the older software drivers and see if the 2 GB Jazz player does work or if I really did buy an expensive paper weight. My next project will be to buy another computer tower by than a 75 or hundred GB will be a common thing for a hard drive to be, but than programs are taking more room on hard drives too. Maybe I should take up a new hobby like stereos. You know I do need one of those new AC3 5.1 stereo systems, hum, sign.



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