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How and Why I bought a LapTop Computer

Why I bought a LapTop Computer?
It was a choice not taken lightly, nor did I buy it blindly. I had spent country nights dreaming about my soon to be laptop. I spent a long time reading many magazines that were devoted on the subject of lap top computers. As I learned more about them and about their different features, I had to decide which ones were most important to me. I asked myself would it need to play DVD movies or just have a fast cd player. I liked the idea of being able to play DVD movie on a computer so my answer would be of coarse. My laptop would need to be able to process graphics and have expandable room to add Ram memory when needed. The hard drive had to be no smaller than a 2 GB. Since my computer tower came with a 2 GB hard drive and over a short time was filled almost completely with just software applications. My last thought was that it needed to be able to handle firewire and the latest USB connections. All the above on a limited Canadian dollar budget of about two thousand, could it be done? Honestly "No"

Prices go down
Over the last three years I have watched lap top computers come down in price by several thousands of dollars. I remember several years ago looking at a top of the line laptops which cost seven thousand dollars, ouch on the pocket book. I can not remember how fast it ran but those computers of yesterday are now considered way to slow and limiting in the on board ram and video capabilities.

Choosing one of two operating platforms
Those of you who have been following articles written by me, know that I presently own a Macintosh clone tower. Now that is another story at another time. I like both platforms and grow up on using both. So here I am having to decide which platform my computer would use. This would decide basically what the computer would be used for as well. A Macintosh lap top was way out of my budget range last year. The PC Intel computer was getting cheaper but the DVD increase its price well over the $3000 mark. Than the Macintosh came out with a new redesigned laptop called the 2000 series. Last years model cost buyers in Canada roughly $5000 which was way beyond my budget price. The new 2000 model cost way less and is packed with features far and beyond my dreams. Mind you they did take out the SCSI connection which now makes Mac's of 1999 and older, like my tower almost obsolete. I fixed that by installing a USB PCI card into the last slot at the back of my desk top tower. Both PC and Macintosh magazines gave the new laptop 2000 series top rating for features and cost. Now you have to realize that all my software presently is for the Macintosh platform and so logically the new laptop sounded reasonable to buy with the cost reduction and features. But with that said I am still watching the market and PC laptops priced in the same category come with a DVD and all the other hardware that came with the Mac. Both platforms have become cost effective and processors are fast enough to handle most graphics and video especially from the internet. So just do your homework before you go out and spend a few thousand dollars.

Back to the chosen platform
The Macintosh had lots of room to increase the on board ram. I liked the idea of being able to upgrade ram to 512 MB, and the video cards was equally impressive using a 128 ATI with 8 MB of ram. The lap top that I did purchase came with a 400 mhz G3 processor, a six gig hard drive, 56K modem, but best of all a large 14 inch screen. For options you could remove the DVD player and replace it wit a second battery, which allowed for ten hours of fun in the sun. The DVD player, hard drive and even a bright screen eats battery power. No I was not thinking about battery consumption before I bought this lap top so keep that it mind. But it is now always in the back of my mind when I use it. I wont use he DVD player with out first plugging in the power adapter. I programed the hard drive to spin down after two minutes of no use. The monitor dims or better yet shut off after ten minutes of no uses. I'm really glad I bought the lap top even if I now use it like a desk top computer. I still use the slower desk top cause it still works and does a good job at most things. The laptop will be used for what it was ordinally designed for and that would be digital video and complex graphics.

My final remarks
I can not stress the importance of doing your homework before buying. Read reviews on line and in magazines. Talk to people who know about computers and are not out to sell you for a commission. When your ready to buy you should know exactly what you want and why you want those features. Believe me you will learn a hold bunch more after you buy the laptop too. Whether your final purchase is a Macintosh or a windows based computer is based on what you plan to use it for. If it is games or you own a lot of microsoft software stick with the same platform. If it is designing graphics or ease of use go with the Macintosh. Buy from a store where you can bring it back if your not satisfied. If the store sells both the Macintosh and the Windows based computer you maybe able to try them both. The computers of today have fast cpu processors, large hard drives and most of the bells and whistles that you will need. The prices are continually falling and there is a computer out there with your name on it. They are versatile and can be used as a home desk top and carried to a friend or bussiness with little fuss and muscle strain.

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