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I had my computer for about three years before I bought a battery back up. I had heard the horror stories about people losing all their data cause of a power outage when their computer was still turned on. I like to work on the computer late at night and find that more than often we get a lot of power flickers. One thing is for sure computers don't like brown outs, flickers and power outages. So I invested a few hundred dollars in a battery back up. Now I am protected through all power disruptions. I say it is better to play it safe than to have a dead computer.

I looked at several different companies and different styles.

These are by APC
 NoteBook Surge Protector  Batterey Back Up    

Some of the brands that I had looked at are : APC or America Power Conversion, CyberPower, and TrippLite. All of these mentioned are excellent battery back ups.


The are by CyberPower

 CyberPower Battery Back Ups


These are by TrippLite


When looking for a battery back up I looked for a specific amount of on time- that the battery would run for, outlets - I wanted atleast 3 to be powered by the battery and needed a total of six, price - not to be more than three hundred dollars and be easily available - either the local computer store or mail order in making my purchase decision.

I wanted to be able to protect my modem and all peripherals against any kind of power problems and I did just that. I bought a battery with six outlets that would run my 17 inch monitor, the computer and a Jazz drive. For the three surge suppression outlets I connected a cable modem, a second Jazz drive, and a second hard drive. Than added a premium surge suppressor for the scanner, CD Writer, SuperDisk and power speackers. Plus have a few outlets for expantion of other peripherals.

Most power back ups will come with software that in the case of a black out will automatically power your computer down. This is a good thing especially if you leave your computer on in the sleep mode and are not there to turn off the computer. Most of the newer back ups have replaceable battery(s) so you do not need to buy the whole unit again.

  • Battery Powered Outlets
  • Surge Suppressor Outlets
  • Modem / Fax Surge Suppression
  • System Shut Down Software
  • Different Power On Configurations
  • Audio Alert Sound
  • Protect Against Lightening
  • $$ Lifetime Equipment Protection Policy
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Test / Status Button
  • Replaceable Batteries
  • Many Models
  • One that is within your budget
  • Vacuum cleaner or other Appliances
  • Protect Against Power Outages
  • Line Tester

So now I do not worry when the weather is poor. I know that if the lights flicker that the computer is safe. That if I have that little extra to get finished I can do it knowing that my computer is safe from harmful power problems.

My late word

Always research what you want to buy for your computer. The battery should last between 3 and 5 years. Get one that you can aford and has a few more outlets than you needed. Look for a good warranty some will honor a two year or more. Make sure that you can replace dead batteries easily and their not to costly. Most of all once you have the battery back up relax and enjoy using your computer.


If you have any questions or are looking for some help with your purchase send me an email to

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Bye for now.

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