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Building a Basic Office

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Building a Basic Office

I remember my former employer telling me how he would never want to work for anyone else again but himself. I myself had by than worked for quite a few other companies, and the thought of being my own boss never interested me at the time. I saw the problem that he had just looking after three other employees after a year of training them they would leave. The environment was to stressful and had bad ventilation around the machines. People left because of health reasons or a safer environment.

I eventually also left after being there for three years, to find something else to do. I have always enjoyed working with computers whether it was an IBM or Apple. I have especially enjoyed the field of animation, video and graphics. I had the computer, scanner, printer, monitor, and the software and began to build my own business. One of the most beneficial part of a business is to have an office that is comfortable and practical. The office can be in your house or in a rented space the principal applies to both. You can start the office with everything all at once or in the period of a year buy something each week like I did.


The first thing is a chair since your likely going to be living in it most of the day or night- if it is a home business. The chair should be flexible with hydraulic height adjustment, a tilt adjustment (brings the chairs back forward) a soft cloth covering, a lumbar if you have back problems or not and adjustable arms (lowering arms for be able to push the chair under the desk) cost $100.00 & up.

Computer Desk - defiantly a must to have. There are a few things here to consider. One make sure that there is a roll out surface for your key board and mouse. The roll out surface is designed so that your elbows are in line with the keyboard, and at the end of the day you can push the shelf in and the key board is protected from dust, dirt, and being bumped of the desk. You computer will sit about three inches higher on a desk with a keyboard roll away shelf. Something that I really like is having storage shelves with doors. The doors cut down on dust from coating surfaces like jazz cartridges, floppies and other dust sensitive stuff. Some come with a hutch to store the printer and paper. However if you are using a laser printer it is best to have that 6 to 10 feet from where you are working. The toner mechanism is said to give of cancer causing problems, mind you my
exboss has his right behind him. Make sure that the desk can support at least a 17 inch monitor and larger if you are planning to upgrade later.

Lighting - Using room lighting is okay, such as yellow bulb lighting. Window lighting is okay too. What you are looking for is light the does not produce a glare of your monitor. The light should be shining from the ceiling and behind you, to produce an even distribution of lightening.

A work table is useful for, a telephone, printer, and even you coffee. The work space is for setting out a project that you are working on. The work table could be a second computer station with out the computer, a desk or fold away table.

Telephone / Excellent for customers to get in touch or set up appointments. Very good to have for acquiring more business.

Office Supplies

If you can buy office supplies in bulk, this will save you money and another trip to the store. Look for

  • pens (blue, black and red)
  • pen and pencil holder / Helps to locate pens, and ruler when you need them.
  • yellow hi-lite marker / Useful when reading manuals for easier referral and find.
  • clear tape/ Useful for sealing envelopes, box etc and, putting two pages together post size.
  • lined note paper or yellow sticks / Great for sticking around your monitor
  • a hanging calendar / Hanging on a wall to one side of the desk make for easier viewing.

Office Options

  • extra CD storage / If you are burning your own regular CD racks work. Does not have to be fancy
  • steel shelving / Cheap steel shelving the kind you set up yourself. Often comes with four, five, and seven shelves. Also known as a utility shelf or for storing can goods. They all work well for storing books, like manuals, reference guides, projects, office supplies, other things that you do not use often like large envelopes printing paper, and the list here is endless.
  • fax machine Regular or Plain paper / Useful for sending art sample, documents and even ordering from suppliers. If it is in a home business, other members will soon find ways to use it to. So have an extra roll of fax paper on hand.
  • answering machine / Works well when your not at the office. Never miss one of those important calls again.
  • calculator / Great for adding up invoices and expense accounts.
  • clock or count down clock / Useful for tracking projects and knowing when it is time to go home
  • an entertainment center such as a television for stock market reports or a radio for music in the back ground. Useful for changing the office mood.

With in the period of a year you will know by than what your office needs. This list above is just to get you started. Looking around for sales and good buy may save you a little time. Just make sure that things like chairs are comfortable. Also what you use in the first year will be a guide for what you need in the second year.

If you have any questions or are looking for some help send me an email at:

steven@waymorewebs.com attention Stevens' Page.

Bye for now.

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