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Running 2 Operating Systems

Why would anyone want to run two operating systems on one computer anyway? That is a good question but most computer users one operating system is enough problem for one computer. For me it goes back to when I first bought the computer it came with OS 7.5 version 2 for the Macintosh. The computer ran like a charm and only froze up on occasion when I first bought the computer. After learning a little more about the computer and how it worked the best it stopped freezing up. The computer ran very well except for a mouse that would occasionally freeze up at the initial start up. If I booted up the computer a second time the mouse would be fine. I later learned that if the mouse was frozen that if I unplugged it from the key board that would set the mouse free too. So after finding out about that little trick , I stopped rebooting the computer a second time and went for the technique.

Than Netscape 4.5 came along and it would not work with OS 7.5. so I looked into a just released new operating system. Now back than a new OS was release claiming to be the best of the best. I went to a computer store that only sold Macintosh to ask the demo guy, brought in only to sell this new OS software, about this new software. I asked what was special about it. There were claims by this guy that it could do multitasking like the window computer could do. But this was later to be found not to be truly multitasking as in the same terms used by the windows machine. Here it was being termed that the finder could work with several programs at the same time. Like the task bar in the win machine the Mac could have several programs running at the same time. The problem with that was you could already do this with OS 7.5. The reason I went to this version were the claims that your computer would be more stable and Netscape 4.5. The new upgrade worked just fine and the mouse occasionally still would freeze.

Than I started running into different problems from the mouse. The first time it happen, it being I had no idea what it was. I thought it was a conflict extension problem that you hear is the major cause of freeze ups. I deleted half my hard drive and the problem still was there. I brought it to the experts and they fixed it but told me nothing and the next day the same problem was there. After sometime i learned that it was a corrupt finder and that you needed to replace it with a new one off the operating software disc and to trash the old. This was the new operating system to better than the last and I now owned it..

When the next operating system was release OS 8.5 I went for it cause the finder problem had been addressed and corrected, and it was. However any newer version higher than 8.1 and you would needed to reformat your initial hard drive. The drivers for my initial Hard Drive was for OS 7.5 to 8.1. I had no idea what would happen if I went beyond this. The manufacture of my computer clone made claims that it could destroy the hard drive. Some of my older programs would only work on system 8.0. and there were no upgrades to their software.

So I bought a second hard drive and loaded the latest operating system OS 8.5 into that new drive. I reloaded all my software that I new would work with the new operating system. I made the new drive the start up and everything seemed fine. That was until recently, these days I'm lucky to have the computer up and running within a half an hour or so. I have experienced finder conflicts on a regular bases. I have programs boot up and than do a on and off freeze. I have Netscape not found messages and it will not load. The list is endless but it boils down that the hard drives do communicate to each other. Whether you no it or not the OS 8.5 is not compatible with 8.1 and they will conflict on a regular base. Even thought technically OS 8.0 or 8.1 are not the start up operating system the computer sometimes forgets and goes to that finder. So than with both finders fighting for the rights to run the computer things go very wrong. I'm just waiting to finish off some projects that have resided on the first drive and than I'm going to try and reformat the drive or use it for storage and have the OS 8.0 removed.

My advise to you is don't have two operating systems residing on a single computer. Computers have their own troubles and why add to it. This story applies to the Macintosh but could be related to someone using windows OS 3.1 and 95/98 in the same machine.

If you have been having problems with your Macintosh operating system send me an email , I likely have stumbled a long that path and if not I'll get the answer from our experts here.

If you have any questions or are looking for some help send me an email at:

steven@waymorewebs.com attention Stevens' Page.

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