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Find the Finder

Have you ever had one of those days where you wish you never got out of bed. You boot up the computer, and it is ready to go, but other than the operating system nothing will open. Almost every time I try and open either Netscape or Internet Explorer I will receive an error message saying "This program does not exist on your hard drive." But you know t it is there cause you just used it yesterday.

The first time this happened to me I ended up purging half my hard drive and regretting it long after. I asked many computer techs, but they had never heard of this. Seems to be a common answer they give you if they are not charging you any money.

After cleaning out my hard drive the problem was still there. So if I would have backed up at the time I might have been able to replace what was loss. However, at the time all that I had owned was the hard drive that I had purged from.

At that time I was using OS 8.0 this was advertised as the end of all ends to software problems. That was what the sales person told me who was representing this new software at the time. Anyway I have witnessed this problem with OS 8.1 and 8.6.

Hoping that if you have been fighting this nightmare this will solve your problem. You will need a current OS cd whatever operating system you are currently using. If it is OS 8.1 you will need that OS cd. This is what you have to do if you only have one hard drive.

  • Place the OS cd in the cd player
  • Hold the "C" key and restart your computer.
  • Continue to hold the "C" button until the light on your cd player stays on
  • After the OS software is running your computer open the hard drive folder
  • Find the 'System Folder' and open this folder
  • Look for an icon called the finder and drag it to your trash can
  • On the CD open up the folder with the operating system on it and look for the icon called the finder.
  • Drag the new finder over to your system folder and let it copy to it
  • Restart your computer
  • Continue where you left off.

If you have more than one drive and have a different operating system on the other drive the fixing is much easier. Presently I am running OS 8.6 and the problem is from the second drive which has OS8.1 still on it. Unfortunity I can't remove it yet without disrupting software that is dependent on it. But this OS seems more unstable than OS 8.6 or OS 9.04.

  • Place the current OS cd in the player
  • Once the icon is on your desktop open it up.
  • Look for the finder in the System folder
  • Open up the driver that is not currently running your computer. In this case that would be where OS 8.1 is.
  • Look for the System folder and the finder icon
  • Trash the finder
  • Replace the finder by dragging a new finder icon from the disc to your systems folder.
  • Trash the old one and carry on with what you were doing.

Hopefully this will say you from doing things later you might regret. It is a better idea if you can to upgrade to the latest OS 9.04. This OS seems the most stable with graphic software and games
Till next time good luck and have a great day.



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