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Welcome to Stevens' Page
updated for November 15, 2001

Reflection of 2001

Why this Web Site was developed

To all of you who have shown your support, I take this special time to say thanks. At the beginning of this year I wanted to do something different with the Waymore Webs site. Although our primary business is creating and maintaining efficient web sites and to offer our services at a lesser cost than other web companys'. However during my visits to customer I often came across many who were very new to this wonderful way to express their bussiness and the many benefits that they were missing. I wanted to create a web site where customers and just about anyone else could go for some help. Our emails helped some but offering free information where you could look at whenever you wanted was a good teaching tool as well.

I am hoping to continue our weekly updates for this web site in the up and coming new year. It is still my hope and wish that you the view share your computer experiences with us. I prefer to find non professionals to write down their computer experiences and than send them to us for print and towards a goal to educating others who share your same view. Even when I had asked friends to share I found this request hard to fill. So in the new year I will continue to look for new ideas and contributions made by you the reader and our team here.

Team Effort
Another point I wanted to share with you is that most of us at Waymore Webs do have other job duties in our lives. My job has been 100 per cent to this web site and over seer of Waymore Webs. Offering new and usesful information from this web site to anyone interested in learning more has become my passion every week too. On the team list you will see that some are professionals in this line of field and are highly qualified in this competitive industry. Others on our team maybe under a contract. All the same we look for quality people who are highly motivated in this fascinating field, and to contribute because it gives him or her a place to vent or share there experiences.

Since the beginning of Waymore Webs in 1998, I have been listening to you. I know that the internet is a great place to learn about anything. I wanted to use our web site for learning and sharing. We have put less weight towards selling our service here since most of our business come from referrals and long term projects. The Web industry is extremely competitive but for me it boils down to how can I serve you the customer best. The name Waymore is based on an idea that we will give you much more for your money, than what the other guy normally would offer. I like the idea of working with the customer on their project, it is a team effort all the way. The customer get to learn more about web language, and watch their own web site develop, while asking questions a long the way.

The Power of the People
Meeting new people every day is a passion of mine. Sharing and educating, why not we all have to start some where. Every question is a good question so ask anything. Learning here from the Waymore Webs site is endless and everyone grows from it even myself.

These last few months we all witnessed that through crisis we as humans can still care for our brothers and sisters around the world. After the tragedy in New York the world took on a big change too. People that we either took for granted or did not bother with us than all now have pulled together to form one family with a focused goal. As a human being we have a brain for thinking and a heart for loving. When the two are out of balance we get hatred and hostility against our selves and others. The unity of brother and sister has been with us since the days of Adam and Eve. We as a race are so intelligent and can use this intelligence to learn more and teach others to be the best individual willing to contribute back to their community with their newly learned material. It saddened me also when I watch in horror to how man can take this god given intelligence and use it against himself and others around him. It takes less energy to love and set aside our difference, and we do have it in side each and everyone to me nice to our neigbor or to the person living next door to us. There is so much to learn , so why throw it away. Use the internet to learn and pass it on by educating other to wards a peaseful unity where everyone and anyone can live in harmony.

My Contribution to the vast Community
This web site has been one way for me to give back to the community. Believing that we as a team are providing good services and bring a purpose too. I look forward to helping you and many more out in the new year. I hope to add more services and options here for your pleasures in the coming months. Like wise at anytime if you want to share your experiences with other write to me or use any of the email addresses to get in touch with us. To listen to you is beneficial for me as well. We all like to learn and I do too.

In Closing

In closing I just wanted you to know that I am glad to see an interest in this web site. It success has been due to input from readers and a small group of writers. It has been my intentions from the beginning to keep this web site simple. Like other web site you will see flashing navigational buttons and other gimmicks that may slow down an older computer. I wanted to create a web site where any browser new or old could download with speed and time saving. We are viewed by many countries around the world and that is what we are about. Sharing with who ever is interested in learning more about their computers and their interaction with the world wide web. We are hoping to make your computer experiences fun rather than frustrating. Computer are a lot of fun once you learn how to take control rather than allow them to take control of you.

Once again I thank you for your on going support. I want to wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Years.

Goodbye for now.


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Bye for now.

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