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Welcome to Stevens' Page
updated for May 5, 2002

Seeing Is Believing

I have been saying this for a long time now that a larger monitor is better or is it?
I have been looking for a camcorder for some time. the camcorders that I have been looking for have all been excellent as far as quality goes. However, one item has stopped me short of making that final purchase and that has been the monitor size.

The monitors size is one important aspect of it there are also considerations to think about such as: accurately showing filming colors, contrast and above all the sharpness of the image.

Some years ago a friend of mine had bought a Sharp with a five inch monitor. I thought that it was a sharp looking camcorder to. That monitor could flip right around so that you could do self portraits with out any eye strain. today manufactures are cut costs and making camcorders smaller like the Canon ZR series.

Consider this idea that when it comes to our televisions a bigger screen is much better to see than a smaller one. So it makes a lot of sense that a larger LCD monitor on a camcorder is going to be better than a 2.5 inch one. first of all like the sharp you can see the camcorders monitor from a longer distance. However the real reason boils down to the image. I would sooner use the monitor than the eye piece except in real bright light. So even if you are looking for a camcorder with a larger monitor make sure that you have a color view finder as well.

The monitors are turned on by pulling it away from the side of the camcorder. A good monitor should have flexibility so that your not having to turn the camera to see the shot you need. The monitor should be able to turn 180 degrees so that it can work for self portraits or for the subject to see them self in front of the camera. Look to see if the monitor can snap back into the camcorder side with the monitor on facing out. This is practical when you want to playback to review video just recorded.

Pixels you hear this word a lot these days. Pixels and resolution go hand in hand to spell clearness and sharpness of the image that you are video recording. The higher the resolution the better the clarity the image will be. Most manufactures are offering a color LCD with around 112,000 or more. Anything less than 100,000 is a waste of your time and money.

Does the monitor have color correction adjustments? A good monitor is one that can accurately match what is being captured on the tape. In playback people should have flesh colored skin and you should be able to see this when recording through the monitor as well. Look for a monitor where the white balance automatically adjusts colors for realism. White balance allows for the camcorder to adjust color correctly from the subject being recorded. A good monitor will provide an adjustment for turning down brightness of the monitor. This is good for night shots when the monitor does not need to be so bright. On the other had when filming during bright days, turning up the brightness may bring images in clear.

Take It From Here

 Maybe you have 20/20 vision and you don't mind squinting from time to time. One thing that I will say that if your in the market for a larger at least 3.5 inch screen your cutting your options down. I really like a lot of the newer camcorders out there and many are find camcorders with excellent features, except they lack screen size. I sometime wish that manufactures from their web sites; could offer questionnaires asking what customers feel important to have on their camcorder. This would solve many of the key buying issues for many serious Video Photographers.

Just like your television there is a clear and more rich picture if the screen is larger. However if there is poor resolution bigger will not make much of a difference. If you look at a hi resolution television you will not see any of those annoying line that you will see in a standard television or projection screen.

The best test is always to try before you buy. Some stores will allow you to buy and try for a period of two to thirty days. If your not convinced that a larger screen is the way to go, than try them both out and decide for yourself.

Tell Me Your Experiences

 We all learn through the shared experiences of others and I am no exception. If you have a camcorder story to tell, write me. If you don't mind sharing them with other let me know and others will learn from your experiences.

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