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updated for January 18,2003

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Great Potiential
We now have enter into 2003, a new year which brings with it: new hopes, new ideas, and new dreams. With the best of health we look towards a better future, inspired by new technologies. Technologies which can aid our own exploration, and give us a new enthusiasm into the pursuit of goals which push us one step closer to the great potientioal that we can be as an individual.

Exciting Times Ahead

It is an exciting time to see how technologies will continue and be improved or invented. What will we think up next to make life more interesting and comfortable. Science fiction of yesterday, was than "a persons" dreams and hopes. Today some of yesterday thoughts are now todays reality. Do you remember the movie "Back to the Future?" Well not every thing in that movie is used today except the plasma television. Although plasma television are to expensive for most of us, there will come a day when the majority of house holds will have one. Technology is always changing. New ideas are introduced to help make our life easier and more enjoyable. In 2002 we saw the growth of portability, coming to life in wireless computers and other things.

In 2002 we ended the year with a good glimpse of what we can do with a LCD screens. We are seeing them in much of todays technology. Let start with digital cameras, camcorders, how about a television which is small enough to fit on your wrist. We have taken the LCD and replaced the aging CRT monitors with it. A LCD will use less energy and give off practically no heat or radiation. They weigh considerably less than the CRT monitor and the clarity of an image is good too. This year we will be seeing larger and affordable LCD screens for computers and other viewing. You may have also already seen the new plasma displays in electronic stores. Plasma is an option for high definition television and the smaller versions are making their way as monitors for your computer.

Will we be seeing lap tops with seventeen inch monitors? Apple knows for sure because they just released a new 17 inch PowerBook G4 this January. So soon you will see other computer companies releasing their version. I do believe that many of the newer computers can burn DVD at a whooping top speed of 4x as well. Yesterdays new technologies become todays affordable and found in many of the medium to high end computers.

DVDs where first introduced to computers and than to home use. The popularity of DVD has brought the digital age affordable to everyone who wants to have it in their home. DVD has helped in the development of better computer graphic and sound boards. A home stereo is likely to have more than just two speakers. Many stereos are able to bring in the same sound to your home as what you normally hear in the Movie Theater. We have digital satellites, digital cable, digital cellar phones and now a common connection to the internet is 56K which was the start of a digital internet connection. We have gone even further and faster with, DSL,ADSL, and Cable which are all better than what we were using yesterday.

Cables within the computer connect valuable hardware, and software - aids to run them. How does this help you to be creative and better for tomorrow? You too have dreams from yesterday and hopes that those dreams will one day become your reality. Computers can aid us in finding ways to achieve our dreams. A software program becomes an extension of your creative mind. A CD writer helps create a permanent history of your idea.

Our computers are faster ,powerful , and feasible to almost everyone. Much creativity in software used for our ever growing internet. A lot of new development in web building. We see Java, Flash and even better animations. You can talk to the farthest person on our planet Earth. Learn about different people and their costumes. Learn about any subject- it is your own library on your computer screen and your the explorer

I just want to summaries this article by saying that we live in a great time. You as an individual can make a difference. The tools have been laid out in front of you, so that you can get closer to your dreams. Dreams that are to be share with loved ones, friends, community and those who are interested. We become the best self that is possible given the time and our situation. We are living in the best time. Computers are apart of our lives and are here to stay awhile longer. It was my hope and still is to use this web site to educate, teach and share information for those who were looking for it. I hope that the information here - which has been interned as a building block did indeed enrich your life. We will continue to add to this site: to keep you informed of new and exciting technologies and to help you grow in knowledge. All the best to you in 2003. Have a happy and healthy year.

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