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Say Stop When It Is Fast Enough

When is it time to say enough is enough. How fast does your computers cpu have to run before you say that it is to fast. We all know by now that computers prices have come down and continue to fall as new and faster models appear on store shelves. Ever four months something new and faster is developed. This could be a faster cd writer or player. Faster DVD drives are as popular as cd rw in already built computers. But my question to you is how fast does your computer need to be.

A lot of my friends have 466 Mhz or faster computers, but there only interest is to use it for sending out email and surfing the net. I have other friends who use Intel new Pentium 4 computers for rendering video and imaging. So when does speed become to much?

When I bought my first computer it ran at 150 Mhz with a bus speed of 66 Mhz. It was the second from the bottom of computers offered by this company. It still works to this day and is very valuable to me and useful. It runs the latest operating system and handles most of the new software out there available for the consumer. However I have upgraded some hardware components but not the cpu. I've seen some people with many computers under one roof only because they had done total upgrades to new computer systems. Most of those older computers now sit idle in a corner or box.

Computers are inexpensive however, a 500 Mhz computer is going to give you fast internet access. Your going to be able to play the most advanced games because most computers come with good video cards at this level of speed. Many have built in cd writers and rewriters to burn music or to use as back up storage. A few can play DVD movies but right now this type of format is still strictly found with a home theatre system. At this level even a note book is inexpensive to own.

Really consider what your going to use your computer for. If it is for anything other than rendering video you can be very happy for years with a Pentium 2 or 3 level or equivalent. With the money you saved buy a bigger hard drive or even make that a second drive. Invest in a fast 10/100 Base T Ethernet connection if you plan on using DSL OR Cable for your internet hook up. You computer will have USB ports the latest in connectivity. But you can buy a PCI board for older computer for this inexpensive upgrade. Make sure that your computer is equipped with at least one fire wire port to run next generation gadgets like a digital printer, scanner or camera.

Speed is not the quest among consumers anymore just the manufactures. Now we are looking for better video cards, larger hard drives, more ram to run many applications at the same time. We want larger monitors. The once standard fifteen inch now is the seventeen inch size. For those that have the desk space and capital are looking for a nineteen inch screen or the elite 22 inch monitor. So it is no longer a speed of the computers cpu that we want. Know we are looking for a happy medium of good price value, fast enough download and transfer speeds for the world wide internet and a game or to. We no longer need to think speed when buying a computer, cause they are all fast enough for the home consumer. Save your money cause in four years we will likely be running computers with a processor of over 3 GHz and than what new technology will dazzle us than?

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