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Welcome To The Digital Age

It is getting better and better that is to find ways of getting images into your computer. This would be useful if you are developing a web page, or needing an image to send a long with your email, or even if you are thinking of putting together a news letter and want to include an image or two. Digital technology is here to stay, but the best part of this is that it is now affordable by the consumer. The price dropped were first noticeable on flat bed scanners. A few years ago you would have expected to pay several thousands of dollars for a scanner with 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution. For a 600 x 1200 dpi flat bed scanner in Canada today you can buy one for under one hundred dollars.

My favorite way of introducing an image or better yet motion is with the aid of a still camera or DV camcorder. Once again quality has gone up with each passing year while at the same time prices fall. I am seeing 5 meg pixel still cameras selling at local department stores rather than a speciality camera store. These cameras are still price high for most consumers but their prices have help make yesterdays 1.2 meg pixel cameras affordable for many consumers who have waited for prices to be more affordable. We are seeing DV Camcorders competing for the still image market too by offering both motion and still capability in one camera and there affordable too.

Technology is a fast pace market and it has brought a very competitive industry that benefits the consumer for a change. I see faster computers cpu selling on store shelves almost every month now, and with drastic price reductions. you know longer have to wait for that perfect computer sale. It has never been a better time to buy a faster new computer. It is a consumers market out there, affordable for just about everything and anything that sparks your imagination We know that our future we will see more digital devices used by the novice consumer and fire wire and USB are todays standards. We are seeing common hard dives for the PC and Macintosh platforms. We are seeing Macintosh and Window based computers becoming more similar when in use with hardware and some software. The gap between the two is no longer alien to most of us anymore.

Producing companies can afford to produce one product for both Window and Macintosh platform at a reduced cost to the consumer. Digital technology is highly advanced for most consumers and their sophistication offers something for everyone seeking to get the most from their computers. No more are computers being used for word processing, not today. Know way with their power capability we are using computers for anything and everything that the creative mind can dream up. Digital video boards offer out standing graphics and motion. The internet offers better graphics and has in it's self opened our minds to higher levels of thinking and pushed us into new and exciting avenues. This it a great time to own a computer, and with it the sky is the limit. The digital time to buy affords us the opportunity of getting better quality and offering an easier ways of introducing images into our computer.


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