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 The purpose of this count is?

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Waymore Webs Reaches World Wide

The next calculated update will include the end of November and be available in the first week of
December 2003.

Visitors in 2001
   Time Period   Total Visitors
   January 1 to December 31, 2001 Estimated visitors: 77,129

Visitors in 2002
   Time Period   Total Visitors
   January 1 to December 31, 2002 Estimated visitors: 107,249

Visitors in October 2003  (NEW)
   Time Period One Month  Total Visitors
   October 1 to 31 Estimated visitors: 28,450

We have already passed last years numbers.

Visitors in 2003
No.  Time Period  Country Visitors
  January 1 to October 31    
   New in October    
     Canada 56,791
     United States 110,960
     Argentina  642
     Australia  2,476
     Austria  926
     Belgium  1,770
     Belize  216
     Brazil  750
     Chile  519
     Cocos (Keeling) Islands  457
     Costa Rica  558
     Croatia (Hrvatska)  298
    Cyprus 71
     Czech Republic 171
     Denmark  1,705
     Dominican Republic 176
     Egypt 69
     Estonia  583
     Finland  876
     France  1,931
     Germany  2,481
     Greece  412
     Hong Kong  986
     Hungary  918
     Iceland  537
     India  398
     Indonesia  523
     Israel  894
     Italy  1,758
     Japan  1,360
     Korea (South)  365
     Mexico  4,981
     Netherlands  7,800
     New Zealand  932
     Nicaragua 67
     Norway  823
     Pakistan  689
     Panama 78
    Peru  722
     Philippines  515
     Poland  369
     Portugal  661
    Qatar  89
     Russian Federation  279
     Saint Lucia  359
     Saudi Arabia  731
     Singapore  348
     Slovak Republic  135
     Slovenia  133
     South Africa  482
     Spain  436
     Sweden  2729
     Switzerland  1211
    New in October  Thailand 113
     Turkey  300
     United Arab Emirates  437
     United Kingdom  3469
     Ukraine  377
     Uruguay  484
     Venezuela 67
   Other Countries not listed.  Uncounted / Unresolved  50, 725
  Total count after Dec 2003  Year End Final Count  XXXXX

What is being tracked here in this study?

1. Only countries are available in this count.

2. Our software will only visually track 30 countries per month. The first week of each new month is when those first 30 countries are accounted for in the study. Each month there will be a different count of countries based on those visitors here in that first week or when 30 is reached. The 31 country visited here and beyond are tracked and recorded under "Uncounted / Unresolved" in a one month period.

3. Each new month those first thirty visiting countries will be accounted and registered , until the next month. During the month those thirty countries are recorded daily when the web site is visited. At the end of each month the numbers are added to the totals in the chart above.

4. We can not track one individual nor would we want too. Your identity is safe.

5. Our email address is provide for individual who my want to write us for questions or article recognition.. After you have emailed us your questions and you have received an answer. Your email information is not saved by Waymore Webs or sold to anyone.

6. THE PURPOSE OF THIS COUNT: is so that you can see where the Waymore Webs site is reaching out to. If you are interested in advertising with us you will know our volume of readers are growing each day and each month. Our average this year has been one thousand new readers per month. Advertising on the Waymore Webs site is reasonable and cost efficient to you. All money generated from advertising on this web site goes right back into the site. What this means is more reviews, clip art, articles, and much more.

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