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Review #4
updated January 20, 2002

This product is a must for every computer to own.

Norton Anti Virus Software
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Your asking for big trouble if you don't use protection. I'm talking about computer protection from hard drive destroying software. This software is referred as a virus. Often viruses are designed to multiply and as they do so they take up valuable space on your hard drive. As they don't just look for empty spaces on a hard drive. They also look for space on a hard drive which has already been occupied by data. Often this data is of some value you to you.

Once the virus has wiped out the data on your hard drive it is very unlikely that you will be able to retrieve it again. There are viruses that will attack almost every system of the computer these days.

Often viruses are transferred from computer to computer from the simple use of a floppy disc. On the new computers floppy are not used as much as zips and other portable hard drives. Cds are unlikely to carry a virus unless it was burned into the disc intentionally. That is why almost all software today is offered to the consumer as a CD or DVD.

What Virus software will do is to help you spot them before any actual damage occurs. Advanced software will isolate the virus so that it will not further be a threat to other working systems on your computer.

There are many anti virus software that you can choose from. You should be looking for software that works with your computers operating system. The software should be able to do all of the functions described above and more. The software should be up gradable at any time. I like Norton and have personally used it since the first day that I had bought this computer some five years ago. To this day Norton has saved my computer on many occasions.

Don't buy cheap anti Virus software. You get what you pay for and Norton is a good product that will run on just about every computer platform out there. Here are some other good software products to look for as well: Mcaffee, Net Barrier, and Tech Tool Pro just to name a few.

Do keep your software up to date. This may mean that when a new upgrade comes out you will want to buy it. This in turn will keep your computer safe from computer hackers who are out there to make your life a living hell.

High Lites

  • Will automatically remove many virus so that you can work uninterrupted
  • Script blocking which detects scripted - based threats such as the " ::I love you" and "Anna Koumikove" virus, way before a new virus definition is created for them.
  • Will scan and clean out going e - mail messages to prevent sending infected files from your computer.
  • Is working the moment that your computer is switched on.
  • Integration with Windows explorer lets you use many common Norton Anti virus functions from the Explorer menu for easy access.
  • A direct link connection from your computer to Symantec Security Response Web site where additional information can be found on specific viruses when you need it the most.
  • Automatic or manually through Norton Live Update will check and install on your computer any new virus definitions. So as to keep your computer system up to date and ready for the latest of virus threats.
  • Automatically scans incoming e - mail messages and attachments. Also works with Microsoft, Outlook, Eudora, and Netscape mail.
  • Protects against the "Trojan Horse" and malicious ActiveXR code and JavaT applets, even in compressed files.
  • New quarantine feature will take any file and isolate from the rest of files on your hard drive. It than look for any infected file or files tries to fix it and if it can not will keep it separate from the rest of important files on your hard drive.
  • There are Wizards for scan and deliver to make it easy to send infected files to the Symantec Security Response team for further analysis.

System Requirements


All Computer Installations

Go and visit their web site for your complete system requirements.




Internet Connection

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