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last updated December 14, 2002

English Dictionary & Thesaurus
Model MWD-1450
In Review

Franklin Model MWD-1450
$89.99 Canadian / $49.95 US


This is one of Franklins new products for 2002 / 3 and it is remarkable if you are one of the millions of people who need to look up that perfectly spelled word. This unit is a dictionary and thesaurus as well. Okay like most computers today it plays several games too. But let us not stop there it does even more cause this unit is able to expandable beyond the original installed program. Known as "Bookman" this is a card that fits into the back of the unit and which can add other subjects to it. Franklin allows two ways to add information to this speller. First there is the Bookman card or by connecting a wire from the speller to your computer . Offered from the Franklin web site you can download other ebook subjects to your home computer. An optional kit can be purchased from Franklin to connect your computer to the 1450 speller.

Franklin has made available fictional ebook for down load into your unit. Good for those travelling and have nothing to do or if you do not have a book store close by. These ebooks are not very expensive and many titles and subjects are available.


Electronic Dictionary, Thesaurus and Speller. This model includes a Touch Panel to add more function and to add an easier access.

Over 100,000 words and 500,000 synonyms definitions from Merriam - Webster, dictionary. Gives you the meanings to communicate effectively. Synonyms and antonyms open the door and offer a greater choice of word use. You can expand your vocabulary every time you turn on the unit or not if you turn off this feature. Not quite sure how to spell a certain word. All you need to do is know how the word might sound like and the speller will search out the data base for a list of word matches. The words are located in a data base which recognize words phonetically.

Games are practical and make learning fun, while improving your spelling and vocabulary.
A SAT word list containing common words used from the actual SAT test. Have the option of a tutor which can help to minimizes test anxiety through learning exercises. A full Grammar Guide is also included. If your not sure about words like "there, and their" the 1450 offers an option called "confusable" Which pops up on the display to clarify those commonly confused words (their vs. there vs. they're).

There are settings under the "Tools" menu for a more custom feel. You can turn on or off the "Learn a word feature,contrast which is normally set to the middle of a horizontal line. You can have the unit automatically shut off within a custom time of 1 minute to 5 minutes. This feature saves on battery life. However I found that on some games if the shut off time is less than a minute you might run out of time to answer some questions. The best part of tools is the type size settings which offers a small, medium and large size type.

There was a time where a speller was just a speller but not this one - there is more. Remember  this is a data base so why not add your own word list and more. There is a built in ROLODEX® Organizer with a telephone book and world clock. The clock gives you the full date, time, and the year. The clock display is large enough for anyone to see. Included is a calculator and a metric/currency converter. The metric/currency converter comes in handy for making those comparisons between metric and standard measurements. No computer is complete without downloading an eBooks and eNews from the Franklin Internet web site.

You can buy the Franklin English Dictionary, Thesaurus and speller at most stores that have an electronics department. Or you can purchase this model directly from Franklin over the internet. On their web site you can find a large range of spellers and languages that the speller works in.

On Board Menu
 Dictionary Merriam-Webster, dictionary
 Thesaurus Merriam-Webster
 Exercises My Word List, Grammar Guide, Flash Cards, Sat Word List
 Tools Settings, Tutorial, and View Demo
 Games Hangman,Anagrams,Word Train,Word Builder, Letter Poker,Jumble,Word Deduction,1.Player link four,2.Player link four, Word blaster, Game settings
 Grammar Whiten information
 My Word List Add, View or delete your personal word list

Model Reference
 Model: MWD 1450  English Dictionary, Thesaurus and speller
 Device Type:  BOOKMAN®
 Category:  General Dictionaries
 Series:    1450
 Size:    5 3/8 x 3 1/5 x 5/8 in (Fits into a pocket)
 Weight:    5.3 oz or 150 gm
 Battery Type:  2 x CR-2032 lithium (batteries included)
 AC Adapter:  Yes (but it this is an option)
 Warranty  1 year limited

I will be adding a couple of more photo images that I have collected over the last ten years.
Should be up in the next few days.


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