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Review #3
updated September 5, 2002


Apple New G4 - 1.25Hz Dual Processor
Canadian Prices (At the bottom of this article.)

Introducing Apples newest turbo - charged G4 with a dual processors. A completely redesigned system so finely tuned for the best optimal performance. An increased memory bandwidth and faster data transfer. Added to this list is the 867MHz, 1GHz or 1.25GHz, dual processors which adds an increase of 500MHz to those previous G4 computers.

The dual 1.25GHz PowerPC G4 processors is capable of performing 18 billion floating - point operations per second making this system the ultimate high - end graphics workstation.

Applications such as Adobe Photoshop with the dual 1.25GHz processor runs up to 90 percent faster than a 2.53GHz Pentium 4 computer. The G4 achieve it speed from a L3 cache and DDR memory.

The advanced Cache memory adds an additional boost that provides an ultra fast, dedicated memory with massively enhanced throughput. Accessing data from the main memory is much more faster than when accessing data from the hard drive. All three new Power Mac G4s include L3 cache which boosts access to memory. The L3 cache boosts processor function by providing fast access to data and application code at speeds of up to 4 gigabyte per second. The dual 1.25GHz model uses 2MB of high - speed DDR SRAM running at up to 500MHz on each of its chips, while the dual 867MHz and 1GHz models offer up 1MB DDR SDRAM on each of their chips.

The New Power Mac G4 systems feature Double Data Rate synchronous dynamic random access memory, also known as DDR SDRAM main memory. DDR SDRAM allows the system to read and write data to and from memory on both the rising and falling edge of each clock cycle. This is twice the speed of a Single Data Rate SDRAM, which reads and writes only on the rising edge of the clock cycle. An increase of 2.7GBps between main memory and the system controller. From the previous dual 1GHz Power Mac G4 speeds have more than double.

The new tower includes two optical bay in front for adding a hard drive or another
SuperDrive (DVD - R/CD - RW) which allows you to burn your own DVD - Video discs for playback on most standard DVD players.

Other features are the dual 1GHz and 1.25GHz models come with a SuperDrive, while the dual 867MHz comes with the Combo DVD/CD - RW drive. There is added space for a second optical drive. There is ample storage room for hard drives. The Power Mac G4 features dual ATA interfaces, one Ultra ATA/100 and one Ultra ATA/66, and you can put two drives on each interface for a total of four internal hard drives. (Or add a SCSI PCI card and mix and match for a total of four drives.)

Graphics performance with dual display support across the product line. As a build - to - order option you can choose either the NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti or ATI Radeon 9000 Pro graphics card. The NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti graphics card with a 128MB frame buffer of DDRSDRAM, which lets it perform 1.23 trillion operations per second. The NVIDIA GeForce4 MX graphics card with 32MB of DDR SDRAM takes over the transform and lighting calculation functions from your computer's CPU, freeing it to calculate more robust collision detection, better algorithms and more realistic physics.

The ATI Radeon 9000 Pro graphics card draws 64MB of DDR SDRAM across a quad - pipe architecture that delivers four parallel, pixel - rendering pipelines - significantly enhancing the experience over typical two -  pipeline architectures.

Each card comes with both ADC and DVI connectors for dual monitor support, without an extra PCI card.AGP 4X graphics offers superior performance from any one of these graphics cards.

Apple Display Connector (ADC) allows connection to your Power Mac G4. A choice of four brilliant flat design displays Apple offers a 23 inch (1920 by 1200 pixel resolution) Apple Cinema HD Display, a 22 inch Apple Cinema Display or the conventional 15 inch. Or a traditional 17 inch Apple Studio Display. These display connect by a digital signal between your Mac and your display which delivers a pristine image quality.

Computer G4 Configurations
 ITEM  Basic Model Starter Model  Super Model  Ultra Model
 Processor Dual 867 MHz Dual 1 GHz Dual 1.25 GHz Dual 1.25 GHz
 System Bus 133 MHz 167 MHz 167 MHz 167 MHz
 DDR SDRAM 256 MB 256 MB 512 MB 2 GB
 L3 Cache 2 MB 2 MB 4 MB 4 MB
 L2 Cache 256 K  256 K 256 K 256 K
 Hard Drive 60 GB Ultra1 80 GB Ultra1 120 GB Ultra1 4 - 72 GB Ultra2
 Optical Drive Combo Drive Super Drive Super Drive  Super / Combo
 Video Card GeForce 4 MX3  ATI Radeon5  ATI Radeon5  GeForce 4 MX4
 Extras  None  None None See #6 below
 Price Canadian  $2,671.58 $2,929.67 $5,187.66 $14,006.50
 Price US  $1,699.00 $2,499.00 $3,299.00 $8,906.95

ATA-100, 7,200 RPM
2160 SCSI drives 7,200 RPM
3GeForce 4 MX 32 MB DDR SDRAM
4GeForce 4 MX 128 MB DDR SDRAM
5ATI Radeon
6Apples Pro Speakers and an AirPort Card


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