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last updated March 11,2002
Part One (Computer)

Part Two Software

Sony has been creating the VAIO computer line for a few years now. It is a good idea since Sony also produces some of the best digital video Cams and digital still cameras in both the home and professional market. The VAIO computer takes that raw camera data one step farther by allowing the user to edit their data into a final creation.

Today computer processors are fast enough to allow for DVD writers to be included within the computer. Sony with the help of a line of fast cpu from Intel is introducting their line of computers considered to be able to almost do it all for the multi-media user. This series of computers all use Interls Pentium 4 chip sets as the brains of these top notch machines. Sony is offering users the opportunity to build their own machine on line starting with a 1.6 GHz to a presently fast 2.2 GHz. I know that Intel made an anouncement last year about a 6.0 GHz cpu so I'm sure one day Sony will incorporate it into one of their multi - media computers. Each computer has the same basics which include a 60 GB hard drive, 256 MB of RAM expandable to 1 GB, and also a CD-RW/DVD-Rom drive. Here is one change worth the mention: the first three configed computers come with Windows XP Home with the users option to upgrade to Window XP Pro. The faster and more expensive computer here offers Windows XP Home or an upgrade to Windows XP Proffessional

Sony offer the consumer four basic models and from there you can add the following to any of them.

Configuration options include:
Processor (up to 2.20 GHz)
Memory Size (up to 1 GB)
Memory Type (PC-266 DDR or PC-800 RDRAM)
Hard Drive (up to 120 GB)
Additional 120 GB Hard Drive
Giga Pocket™ Personal Video Recorder
DVD-RW & DVD-ROM Dual Drives
Microsoft® XP Professional Operating System
Microsoft® Office XP Software
Adobe® Premiere LE Video Editing Software

SONY VAIO Digital Studio
Monitor not included  PCV - RX640  PCV - RX650  PCV - RX670
Price in Canadian $ $1299.99 $1699.99 $2599.99
CPU (Processor) 1.3Ghz Celeron 1.6GHz P4 1.8GHz P4
Hard Drive 60GB Ultra ATA 100 80GB Ultra ATA 100 80GB Ultra ATA 100
Media Drives 16x DVD - Rom
16x10x40x CDR-W
16x DVD - Rom
16x10x40x CDR-W
40x CD-ROM
Video Card Intel 815E Intergrate 32MB nVidia TNT2 M64 32MB nVidia TNT2 M64
Network 10/100 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet
Built in Modem HomePNA 56K HomePNA 56K HomePNA 56K
Other Features Wheel Mouse  Wheel Mouse  Wheel Mouse
 Port External Speakers External Speakers External Speakers

Part Two (Software)

Software Included
 MS Windows XP Home Edition  MS Windows XP Professional Edition
 Corel WordPerfect  
 MS Outlook Express  
 Smart Capture  
 Premiere LE  
 More to follow  

MS Windows XP Home Edition coming in its own review

Corel WordPerfect
The name Wordperfect has been around since the first PC hit the home market. The program took on a few different owners but has manage to live on. Now owned and licened by Corel Wordperfect brings with it an ease of use and a program that anyone can use right out of the box. Works like any word processing software. As you write it will remember those misspelled words. There is a large dictionary of correctly spelt words just in case you forget. Word Perfect is an excellant program to help you write your thoughts down on a vertual piece of paper and later to be printed to a real sheet of paper. (continued soon)

MS Outlook Express
 Coming - It is likely that you are already using this program for your e- mail.


MovieShaker™ Software

If you've got a multi-million dollar production budget, expensive studio equipment, and a dynamite special effects studio at your disposal, then Sony's incredible MovieShaker™ is for the home user. MovieShaker™ is an incredibly easy - to - use application that gives you the ability to create visually stunning digital video content using your Sony PC and digital camcorder.

The software offers a range of special effects, and scene transitions that can be use to create your masterpiece. Importing your own music is easily done as well.

Once the finished product is complete it can be burned to a DVD or CD - RW and shared with friends, family and others.



Smart Capture

Digital Print

Premiere LE


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