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updated  October 30, 2002


IBM ThinkPad T30 Notebook PCs

I have my computer favorites so you have likely noticed but I am always open to new technologies.The IBM ThinkPad T30 Notebook will make you look twice at the power it has to offer you. IBM built a notebook with enough juice to satisfy any multimedia enthusiast. The power plant is a Pentium 4 running a 1.8 GHz cpu with a 256MB of DDR266 SDRAM. You can add up to a total of one GB DDR266 SDRAM which will satisfy any application for years to come.

This is IBM's first ThinkPad to include a touch pad and built- in Bluetooth.

The T30 comes with both a touchpad and IBM's standard eraserhead. The touch pad's has a set of dedicated mouse buttons that are comfortable as the eraserhead. Solid buttons on this notebooks have a good feel under your fingers. They need to be depress deeply which offers firm confirmation of the action.

The T30 is expensive compared to other equipped laptops. Some features need to be pre - installed. Since floppy drive have been mostly replaced by CDs IBM offers this as an option rather than a feature. Fitted with ethernet and firewire for all your digital downloads. USB models allows for printer, scanners and other such devises for connectivity

The edges of the T30's lower casing and screen frame have complementary angles, so they cleverly make a perfect box shape when closed. Besides this case change and the addition of the touch pad, the T30 is a welcome replay of its predecessor, the T23. It includes the same high-resolution 14.1-inch screen and weighs about the same at 5.7 pounds (not counting the AC adapter or floppy drive).

There is a modular bay, on the right side, of the unit. There you can hold any one of six devices, including a Zip, Super Disk, or second hard drive, or even a pop-out cradle for IBM's Work Pad C500 Series PDA. or a DVD - ROM/CD - RW combination
drive.) The T30 offers all legacy connections except a PS/2 mouse/keyboard port. An S-Video port located on the back lets you watch DVD movies on a TV.

The T30 has a robust set of front - mounted speakers and handy volume buttons above the keyboard.IBM has made the animated on board user's manual easier to use by dividing the contents into three at-a-glance categories that help you drill down to a topic quickly.

Memory and storage continue are fairly easy to access. To removing the hard drive you have to keep the lid open in order to slide it out.



  • Audio - Headphone Out (1/8" Mini),
  • Audio - Microphone In (1/8" Mini),
  • Ethernet - RJ45 Twisted-Pair (XBaseT),
  • Infrared - IrDA Wireless Fast Infrared (IrDA-FIR),
  • Parallel - 25 pin D-shell (IEEE 1284A),
  • Serial - 9 pin D- shell (EIA 574/232),
  • Serial - RJ11

Included Devices

  • AC Adapter,
  • Battery Charger,
  • Modem,
  • Power Cord,
  • Speakers,
  • Status Display,
  • Volume Control


Over View

  • Installed memory 256MB of DDR266 SDRAM,
  • Maximum Memory: 1GB
  • Cache Size: 512KB of L2 cache,
  • Bus Speed: 400 MHz
  • Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
  • Professional, 14.1- inch Active - Matrix Screen, TFT
  • ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 AGP with 16MB of DDR SDRAM,
  • Installed Video Memory: 16MB
  • 40GB hard drive,
  • 8X DVD - ROM
  • 8X/8X/24X CD - RW combination drive,
  • Digital Audio (16-bit)
  • Built- in V.90 modem max speed 56K
  • Network interface
  • Ethernet (10 / 100 Mbps)
  • Bluetooth technology
  • 802.11b connectivity built in.
  • USB optional
  • Card Slots: Type I CardBus, Type II CardBus, Type III CardBus
  • Dual pointing devices,
  • Weight 6.7 pound (including AC adapter )
  • 1 Battery with a 3 hour use cycle
  • Software Lotus SmartSuite Millennium.
  • Warranty Three - year parts and labor
  • Free 24 - hour toll - free technical support
  • Height 1.5 inches | Width 12 inches | Depth 9.8 inches
  • $3249 US Dollars or $5,096.45 Canadian Dollars

    Visit IBM for more information


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