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updated  September 3, 2002


MouseMan™ Optical

by Logitech

Cordless MouseMan


It happens way to often, I get tangled up in the cord of my mouse. With limited space shared by my key board and mouse that wire is often in the way. I find myself constently anoyed by that mouse wire slowing me down as I try and work on a project in Photoshop. Sometimes the work needs to be slow and precise to achieve a close to perfection as one can get. So there you are doing your thing when your mouse runs into its own tail and won't go further. You either need to back up or go over the wire and that is irritating. I must not be the only one with this irritations since there is a solution to this problem and it is a Cordless Mouse.

Logitech is a company that has been making excellant keyboards, speakers and the mouse for many years. They have recently released a new line for the Macintosh since they have in the pasted produced for the pc. Included in there new line for both the PC and Macintosh is a wireless key board and several prices of wireless mouse. The model that is here is about $100 dollars in Canadian funds. The least expenssive mouse is under sixty dollars. All are USB and PS/2 and two of them use optical. The conventional mouse uses a rubber ball whitch moves two rollers inside the device. These two rollers could achieve your "X" and "Y" axise. The same is achieved today with an optical light often red which replaces that ball and obtains an even better resolution


Cordless MouseMan

See this - there is "No cord to limit your movement" or "clutter your desk" which is exactly what I need. This mouse is perfect for the heavy graphic user since it can achieve up to
800 - dpi optical technology for a greater precision. There are no moving parts to clean or wear out. It is design to fit comfortable for the right hand and is not to bad for the left. The model just below this one "Optical Mouse™ is better shapped for both left and right hands and cost $79.95. New technology helps to mantain a longer lasting battery.

  • Smart power management system keeps batteries working for months
  • Battery indicator warns you when batteries are low
  • Two AA batteries included

Contoured to fit nicely in your right hand. At thumb level is a button nicelydesign not to get in theway when you are not using it. Three buttons are located on top towards the front of the mouse. Two buttons are flush with the surface of the mouse and the third is a rotory wheel. This wheel can be wheeled and pressed and is used along with included software for the internet

  • Four buttons including a convenient thumb button
  • Scroll wheel

WebWheel™ software can be used for smarter Internet browsing
Easy scrolling on the web, in Windows® and Macintosh® applications
A variety of button assignments to customize your mouse buttons nternet Service Provider (ISP) account required for full WebWheel™
software functionality

  • MouseWare® Software is included
  • The mouse comes with a Five - year warranty


System Requirements:

Windows® 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP*
Windows® 3.1 / DOS for basic functionality
Macintosh® with Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x with USB port (excluding OS X ) see Logitech for OSX
Available PS/2 or USB port
Requires CD - ROM drive to install MouseWare®

* USB requires Windows® 98, Me, 2000 or XP


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