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last updated May 17, 2003


Palm Zire 71
$410.00 Canadian $300 US

Company Info: Palm Inc.; 800-881-7256;

What Is A PDA

Let me tell you what a PDA is. It stands for a Personal Digital Assistants, which is a handheld computers that were originally designed to be personal organizers. Replacing the data base PDAs organize very well. All have basic features such as: a date book, address book, task list , and memo pad. These features are very helpful for keeping anyone organized, but the feature that has attracted the busy person is that it can easily be synchronized to transfer information back and forth with a computer. For example, I can easily work on my desktop, make a new appointment and cut some directions out of an e-mail someone sent me and paste it into a memo using my PDA's desktop software. The next time I put the PDA in the cradle and synchronize, that new information ends up on my PDA. PDAs work mostly with window based computers, however with that said there are some that will work with the Macintosh computer as well.


Introducing the Palm Zire 71 PDA

The Zire 71 has a Texas Instruments OMAP310 144 - MHz ARM, processor which is ultra - fast to deliver the
high - quality sound and video. Comes with 16MB of RAM, which 13MB is available for user storage, a color display, and an integrated camera as well as a monaural speaker, stereo and headphone jack. Accepts standard 3.5mm stereo headphone plug.

What a built - in digital camera! "That is cool !!!"
With the media - rich Palm™ Zire™ 71 hand held you can capture digital photos -  that has got to be the coolest new thing. Its high 16-Bit, 320x320 transflective TFT color display with brightness controls. Supports 65,536 colors resolution color screen clearly and vibrantly displays images, graphics, and making text easier to read . You can take picture by simple sliding the Zire™ 71 handheld open and this will expose the lens. Now aim in the chosen direction - point, shoot, and view on the PDAs display.

Keep your information secure by instantly backing up, updating and exchanging information with your PC or Mac® with just the touch of a button. Insert expansion cards to store digital photos, listen too MP3s, add games and applications. Use an optional portable keyboard or a GPS receiver with the Universal Connector.


The PDA you can enjoy even longer with the Zire™ 71's rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable Lithium Polymer 900mAh battery

Over View

The 5.2 - ounce PDA comes in a two - part blue - and - silver case that measures 4.4 by 2.9 by 0.6 inches (HWD) the camera on top adds 0.8 inches of height. The Palm comes with a charging/synchronization cradle and a
top - closing pouch and a wrist strap. MP3 listening requires separately purchased connection.

The Zire 71's has a bright, 320 - by - 320 backlit display, which is brighter than most other PDAs. A sliding case by moving it up the camera lens is exposes, and the camera is activated even if you are working in an application. The 2.1 - inch - square screen also becomes your viewfinder for the camera. You can capture a shot up to 640 - by - 480 resolution by pressing either the shutter button or the five - way navigation button.

The Zire 71 supports other multimedia functions as well. The Palm Photos application has an interface for managing shots and a separate screen for image - capture settings which includes a resolution and date stamp. The displays works only when you activate the camera. Video playback software by Kinoma and Kinoma Producer for the PC. RealNetworks's RealOne Player for Palm and RealOne Player 2.0 for the PC let you manage music files, and Audible Player lets you listen to audio books and periodicals downloaded from Audible's Web site. The Zire 71's video and audio quality are about average for a PDA. Supports MultiMediaCard, SD and SDIO expansion cards, sold separately.

The PDAs Operating System

The Zire 71 runs on the latest Palm OS, which at the time of this review is Version 5.2.1, which offers a color themes for customize the PDA interface, Graffiti 2 input enhancements with an optional full - screen writing area. Use the PC Quick Install HotSync tool for easy management of multimedia and zipped files, and Palm's standard PIM,

High Lites

Built-in Hidden Camera
Point and shoot for instant digital pictures. One slide reveals the camera.

High-Resolution Display
Experience games and video clips in vibrant color on our new ultra-sharp screen.

Stereo Headphone Jack
Plug in headphones to listen to audio files and MP3s.
Headphones not included. Expansion card required, sold separately.

Date Book Button
One-touch access to your calendar.

Address Book Button
Holds thousands of names, numbers and email addresses.

5-Way Navigator
Push up, down, left, right and center to select. Designed for one-handed navigation.

Photos Button
Easy access to your digital albums.

Note Pad Button
Jot down your bright ideas ­ right on the handheld screen.

Palm Expansion Slot
Store files, snapshots, MP3s, software, e-books and more on MultiMediaCard/SD cards.
Expansion cards sold separately.

10 Palm Universal Connector
Snap on a keyboard, battery charger or other peripherals. Peripherals sold separately.

11 Infrared Port
"Beam" notes and files to other Palm handhelds.

12 Writing Area
Enter data quickly using your stylus and Graffiti® 2 writing software.

  • Breakthrough design ­ under five inches tall and less than an inch thick
  • Ultra - fast 144 - MHz ARM processor
  • 16MB of memory
  • 13MB User storage
  • Built - in digital camera
  • Dual expansion
  • Five - way navigator for one - handed access
  • Write directly on the screen with Palm's intuitive writing software
  • Expandable and customizable with over 10,000 applications and accessories (sold separately)
  • Operates with Palm OS Version 5.2.1
  • Long lasting battery
  • 320 - by - 320 backlit display 4 times brighter than others
  • Color resolution
  • Uses an expansion card, sold separately.

Operating System Requirements for Transfering of Data

Requires: Pentium processor or equivalent

  • 30MB free hard disk space
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive;
  • Microsoft Windows 98, NT 4.0 with SP6 or later, Me, 2000 Professional, or XP
  • Internet Explorer 4.01 with SP2 or later
  • One available USB port.

Requires: G3 or G4 processor or equivalent

  • 30MB free hard disk space
  • 5MB free RAM on Macintosh
  • OS 9, version 9.1 or higher
  • Mac OS X, version 10.1.2 or higher
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive;
  • One available USB port.

What you get when you buy

 Zire™ 71 Handheld

Protective Carrying Case

USB HotSync® Cradle

·Power Adapter

·Desktop Software CD-ROM

·Software Essentials CD-ROM


Read This First - Document

Palm Desktop Software
- Palm Desktop 4.1 for Windows, which includes:

Palm™ Quick Install for easy transfer of
Palm OS® applications, photos, audio
files2 and more from your computer to
your handheld.

Palm Photos for editing and emailing
photos from your desktop3

Palm Desktop 4.0 for Mac

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