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last updated July 20, 2003
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Pocket USB 4 Port Hub
$19.99 Canadian



I wanted to expand my usb port on the back of my lap top and I did not want to spend a lot of money also. I found my self acquiring many devices that used the USB port. I have an optical mouse, printer, digital camera and a floppy drive all in need. I wanted something simple rather than having to pull out each and every connection every time I wanted to move the computer. I looked around from store to store and saw different hubs that started in the price range of fifty dollars and up. I felt that for what they did the price was to much to pay, so I just kept looking and sure enough I came across a hub by a company called Cicero. The hub was more compact than all the others and still did the same thing. Most of the other hubs came with a power cord but the one from Cicero could also be plugged in but came with out the power cord. Besides most USB component are self powering any ways. The unit sold for around twenty dollars but when I paid for it I received an additional two dollars off. I took the hub home and it worked like a charm.

The hub has a green light to let you know that it is operating, but you will know if your mouse and other component when connected are operating. The is a single connection from the hub to the back of your computer. So when I want to disconnect I only have to disconnect the single connector. The hub is so small that you can hold it in the palm of your hand. You can take it with your laptop, and it is super light in weight. Made of plastic which is very strong and will resist the occasional bouncing around on the table.

There are no feet pads but it is so light that it likely will not be touching your computer table any how. As seen in our photo the hub looks okay. Mine is hiding behind the computer and when the laptops lid is up I can not see it any ways, but I think that it looks good and should be visible

Power Light

Supplied current High powered /Port
Low Powered/Port
500mA (Max) with power adapter
100m (Max) with no power adapter
 Connector Upstream Port
Downstream Port
One USB Series B Receptacle
Four USB Series A Receptacle
 LED Power Source RED LED with power adapter
Green LED with no power adapter

Four Ports

System Requirements
Requires: At least Windows 95/98 OSR 2.1 / 2.5 with usb.
Windows XP ready
Any newer computer which has at least one USB port
All power Macintosh computers which have at least one USB port.
Run version 1.1 USB

Back of Hub

What you get when you buy
A plastic box - product inside
Card board - protecting the product
One USB Hub
One USB cable
Complies with the universal Bus Rev 1.1
Has over current protection
Automatic USB protocol handling
Is self-powered
Plug and Play

USB Cable Supplied

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