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updated  May 11, 2003

$929.99 Canadian

Sony Flat LCD 17 inch Monitor
Model SDMX72 (Silver)
Model SDMX72B (Black)
Graphic or office use


DELUXEPRO™ Series 17" Flat Panel LCD

Sony's is not new to offering monitors since they have a very successful computer line. Sony first developed the trinitron tube that are in existing televisions. Although a flat screen is not based on CRT technology Sony is a leader in the development and research of LCD and plasma technology. They offer two categories of LCD screen. first there is the general purpose and small business. The second category is their professional series. In both line you receive similar technologies and quality.

We choose to review from the professional series because the price difference was roughly thirty dollars in comparison to a similar model in the business and personal category. If you can afford the difference the specs and options will be better in a professional model rather than not. Also you will find that their easier to look at while playing games, doing graphics, touching up photos from your digital camera. All around for the extra thirty dollars you get a excellent product.

We have taken note that in the last month prices on LCD screens have fallen between $100.00 dollars to five hundred dollars. A far cry from last year prices which saw 15 inch screen costing closer to fifteen hundred dollars or more. For roughly one thousand dollars you can now purchase a seventeen in LCD which is equivalent to a 19 inch CRT screen. Buy year end we should be seeing nineteen inch LCD for the price that the seventeen inch is selling for now. However if your in the market today, your getting a deal with quality.

We will give you the specs and later in the review will talk about the benefits and down falls about LCD screen in general.

Sony introduces their DELUXEPRO™ Series 17" Flat Panel LCD. This model features
bright color detail, superior video performance, and clear stereo sound. This is a screen offering a perfect combination of performance and style. Includes conveniences for
the home or office by inter-grading digital inputs, automatic image adjustments, a
integrated power supply, smart cabling and a special energy - saving ECO
mode. Great space saver and is easy on the wallet too.

Quick Reference
  • 8.0" Flat Panel: Active Matrix TFT LCD technology is combined with anti-glare
    coating for high contrast images.
  • Slim, Stylish Design: Maximize desktop space, adding efficiency and style to the
    home or office.
  • Digital & Analog Input: Digital connection maximizes video performance, dual
    inputs provide multiple computer support.
  • Automatic Image Adjustments: Instant adjustment of images at multiple
    resolutions optimize video performance.
  • Stereo Speakers with Headphone Jack: Integrated speakers deliver superb audio
    for multimedia, music and Internet content.
  • Eco Energy Mode: Lower power consumption provides increased savings.
  • Is compatible with Windows and Macintosh computer platforms


 Color:  Silver on Model SDMX72
 Color:  Black on Model SDMX72B
 LCD Panel Size:  17.0"
 LCD Panel Type:  TFT Active Matrix
 Native Resolution:  1280 X 1024  (Best)
 Pixel Pitch: 0.264mm
 Colors: (with selected video cards) 16.2 million
 Luminance: 280 cd/m2
 Contrast Ratio: 400:1 (Maxium.)
 Horizontal Scan Range: 28-92kHz
 Vertical Scan Range:  56-85Hz
 Viewing Angle:  
 Horizontal: 160° Horizontal: 160°
 Vertical: 160°  Vertical: 160°
 Response Time:  
 Rise Time:  30ms
 Fall Time:    30ms
 Tilt Range: 0° to + 80° Tilt Range: 0° to + 80°
 Video Input Connectors:  
 Digital,   DVI - D
 Analog  Dual Analog, HD15
 Power Management:  
 Normal Operation: 40 watts (Maxium.)
 Eco Mode:  32 watts (Maxium.)
 Sleep Mode:  3 watts (Maxium.)
 Power Off:  1 watt
 Product Measurements (H x W x D):  
 With Stand Base  16.1" x 17.2" x 8.9" (Weight 15.7lbs., )
 Without Stand Base: .14.0" x 17.2" x 3.3" (Weight  11.7lbs)

Supplied Accessories
Power AC power cord
Video  DVI-D Video Signal Cable
Video  HD15 Video Signal Cable
Audio  Audio Cable - stereo connection
Windows  Information Disk, Utility Disk
Macintosh  Utility Disk
Warranty Card  3 year limited
User's manual  How to set up and look after

General Problems

 The falling cost and the space saver that LCD screen has seen an increase in sales. However unlike the proven CRT not much is mentioned on the problem side of LCD. The LCD uses less power to operate however the principle of the screen is that it is made up of tiny lights that make up your image and text. The brighter they are the better able you will be able to see them. Since they are smaller than the eye may see what happens if on burns out will you notice it? If many in the same area were to burn out or malfunction than you would notice a shadow in that area. When these diodes malfunction the image or text made up with that diode would be dull or blurred.

The question that arises from this concern is will the manufacture warranty cover this malfunction and if so what is their guidelines. Most manufactures will avoid the question all together other suggest that if five or more diodes malfunction the warranty will cover this other wise one diode malfunction is not.

In Closing

 Sony builds a fine product that will last you many years to come. This screen will easily out last a CRT by an estimated five years. The professional series is built with the expectations that it is going to be left on longer and looked at long too. The higher cost compared to others in a similar category indicate butter parts used and a longer reliability.

The best way to decide if this screen is for you is to visit a retailer who has one on display. Have it set up so that it is in front of you such as desk level. Try out all the buttons for feel and go through the complete menu. Try it at home but make sure that you can still return the screen if it is not what you had in mind.

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