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Top 5 "Best of The Best" 2003

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Last updated January 12, 2003
For the Months of January to May

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2003 First Quarter
 Model  Canon PowerShot G3 Sony Cyber-shot
Dimage 7 Hi
Coolpix 5700
Camedia C-5050
 Resolution  4.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0
 Price CND/US $1388./ $899  $1542 / $999 $2005 / $1299 $1850 / $1199 $1179 /  $764


   PowerShot G3  DSC - F717  Dimage 7Hi
Lens Quality      
Zoom  4x (35mm-140mm) 5x (38mm- 190mm)  7x (28mm - 200mm)
Aperture  f2.0 - f3.0 f2.0 - f2.4  f2.8 - f3.5
Supported Media  CompactFlash Type ll Memory stick  CompactFlash Type ll
Size / Weight- inches/ounces  4.8x3.0x2.5 // 14.5 4.8x2.8x6.0 //20.7  4.6x3.6x4.4 // 18.7
Software  Canon / Photoshop LE Pixel image mixer Minolta Dimage viewer
Hardware  32 MB compactflash card
wireless remote, AC adapter, USB,Video cable
32MB Memory stick, AC adapter, USB, and video cables  16 MB CompactFlash card, lens hood, USB and video cables
Batteries  Lithium ion lithium ion  AA Size Cells
Movie mode  3 minute max w/sound Card dependant  1 minute w/.sound
Compression  Jpegs Jpegs  Jpegs

   Coolpix 5700  Camedia C-5050
Lens Quality    
Zoom  8x (35mm - 280mm)  3x (35mm- 105mm)
Aperture  f2.8 - f4.2  f1.8 - f10
Supported Media  CompactFlash Type ll  SmartMedia
Size / Weight - inches/ounces  4.3x3.0x4.0 // 17.0  4.5x3.0x2.7 // 13.4
Software  Nickon view 5.1, ArcSoft Photo Studio, VideoImpression, PanoramaMaker  Camedia Master
Hardware 16MB CompactFlash card USB, and video cables  32MB SmartMedia card,  USB, and video cables
Batteries  2CR5 lithium ion or AA battery cells  2 CR 3V or 4AA Batt Cells
Movie mode  1 minute w/.sound  Card dependant
Compression    Jepg, Tiff
Other    See our Review click here 

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