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updated July 29

LaCie DVD - RAM/R - Driver

Computers are fast enough for the consumer to burn their own DVD and two companies are making them affordable as well. the Pioneer and our feature to day is the LaCie DVD-Ram/R-Driver. Pioneer burners are presently preinstalled on the G4 733 MHz Apple computer. Both of these burners will play DVD's in most commercial DVD players on the market. With this affordable DVD burner the cost of DVD disc will come down from $60.00 Canadian to near the fifteen dollar mark.

 The LaCie is a DVD-RAM/R Drive which means that it can be used to create a DVD that can be read by DVD-ROM players. With a transfer rate of 11.08 Mbps. on a 4.7 GB for general media and 22.16 Mbps transfer rate with random - access on a 4.7 GB.

This is a fire wire device and so it can be plugged in or unplugged while the computer is running. The drive automatically detects the system interface and configures the connection so the combination drive mounts as soon as it is plugged in.

This DVD - RAM/R - Driver is compatible Apple firewire port, or a 1394 port of a PC with Windows 98 Second Edition or Windows 2000. Sony and Compag are fitted with the 1394 port. Apples G4, the Cube, PowerBook and the iMacDV works well with this drive.

 The software provides an ease of use interface. the drive will perform more than 100,000 write/rewrite cycles. With random - access, users can access specific files or video frames almost instantly. Great for using as a way to back up important information. In addition is able to read 2.6 GB, 5.2 GB, 4.7 GB and 9.4 GB DVD - RAM media. The LaCie DVD - RAM/R drive reads from currently accepted by CD - ROM Audio, CD - R, CD - RW and video CD drives, as well as DVD - R, and DVD - ROM drives.

 Currently the LaCie DVD - RAM driver is offered as a firewire/ieee1394 and a SCSI 25/50 pin device. Both burners sell for $900.00 CDN. This price is about one hundred dollars off from most other burners in the past. It has the capacity to burn 9.4 GB per disk. It works and runs like a hard drive Uses drag and drop software. It includes software and all needed cables.


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