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May 2001

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Olympus C3040 Zoom
Canadian Prices $1179.98
US Prices $609.99 - $699.99

Olympus C2040   Olympus C3000 Olympus C3040

Finally an affordable digital still camera with professional features for the everyday consumer. If you are familiar with the Nikon CoolPix 990, this camera is right up there in comparison but cost less. The Olympus C2040 is last years 2.21 megapixel camera. This year Olympus has offered a 3.34 megapixel camera with the launch of the C3000, C3030, and our feature camera the C3040. All perform excellent and the C 3040 is the most advanced of them all.

There are many things that I like about the C3040 Zoom camera, just to name one is that it is Mac and PC comparable which so many DV camera still are not. The improvement on this camera is the new super bright lens focal length which is a F1.8 - F2.6 3x (35-105mm 35mm equivalent) optical zoom lens which boosts the camera's low light capability and extends the range of the flash coverage, opposed to the F2.8 on the others. This is a point and shoot camera. You can use the optical color viewfinder or a 1.8 inch color LCD. There are 15 different image capture modes including QuickTime video at 15fps with sound. The microphone are five holes below the words 'Olympus' which capture the sound. A 32MB RAM buffer allows for 3.5 frames per second burst rate (excluding TIFF) and QuickTime movies up to 5 minutes in length with sound at 160x120 with a 32MB card. The largest SmartMedia card for this camera is a 64MB. Images look very good with excellent resolution and color

Olympus Front of camera

Number of storable pictures with the supplied 16MB SmartMedia card.
1: TIFF 2048x1536
2: TIFF 1600x1200
4: TIFF 1280x960
6: TIFF 1024x768
16: TIFF 640x480
6 or more: SHQ 2048x1536
20 or more: HQ 2048x1536
11 or more: SQ1 high 1600x1200
31 or more: SQ1 normal 1600x1200
17 or more: SQ1 high 1280x960
49 or more: SQ1 normal 1280x960
26 or more: SQ2 high 1024x768
76 or more: SQ2 normal 1024x768
66 or more: SQ2 high 640x480
165 or more: SQ2 normal 640x480
46 sec of HQ 320x240 Motion JPEG
186 sec of SQ 160x120 Motion JPEG

A special focus mode called AF for highly accurate focusing lets you stay in focus when the camera is moving. You can over ride this system by switching to manual focus modes but why would you want to. The Multi-Spot metering takes the precise exposure readings of up to eight individual areas to calculate the final exposure value. It also has the iESP multi-pattern and spot metering modes found on the C-3030.

Back of the Olympus C3040

Well lade out buttons. There is a mode dial used to cycle to off, play back,normal, auto exposure and movie modes. Other buttons allow for turning off the LCD screen, flash mode, macro and image erase. By using the arrow pad to access options viewed on the screen to further fine tune to your heart content.

  • A sharpness (Hard, Normal, Soft) and contrast (High, Normal, Low) settings allow for a wide range of control over how the images come out of the camera.
  • ISO sensitivity can be fixed at 100, 200, 400 or automatic.
  • There is a white balance options now include a custom one-touch function for quick and easy calibration to the existing lighting temperature.

 Olympus offers several options to provide power. There is two lithium batteries provided with the camera. However they are not rechargeable and power consumption is high especially when using the LCD screen. Four equivalent AA size NiMH,NiCd, alkaline or lithium batteries. I suggest that you have two set of batteries on hand as there is no provided charger or AC power included with this camera. A latch locks the batteries which are located on the bottom of the camera

Storage Class USB connectivity insures quick and simple image downloads to Windows 2000 or Me or Mac OS 8.6+ computers. You just plug it in, no drivers required. Drivers are included for Windows 98 SE users. The camera appears as a removable drive resource and data can be transferred with no special software being installed or used.

The differences between the C3000 and the C3030 is that the C3000 does not come with the 32MB SDRAM buffer for rapid shooting at 3.3 fps burst mode and up to 5 photo. The C3000 comes with an 8MB SmartCard as well and the C3030 comes with a 16MB SmartCard.

The differences between the C3030 and the C3040 is the F1.8 multi element a spherical glass. A 3x zoom lens. A one touch white balance scene rotation function.

These Olympus Digital camera can use up to 64MB SmartCards. A optional AC adapter is offered. An external light is also available.

This is an excellent camera both in operation and in photo color realistic.

We do not sell this products, we only write about the features of this hardware above. It is our intentions that others will benefit by this product and buy it thus making money for the producing company. We at Waymore Webs don't make a single penny off this product. So if you are interested in this product we suggest that you visit their web site for ordering.

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