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For the Month of October 2001

Olympus 4040
Olympus 4040

Do I like this series of camera or what? It does appear that I have reviewed just about every camera in this series. In my opinion this is a camera worth talking about. There was a time when digital cameras took pictures that were not worthy to print, but this is no longer the case here. The Olympus series has proven it self time after time with each new model. The Olympus C4040 print to paper is outstanding and images used for the web are way above others in the same class. The image quality is so good that it can be used directly from the camera. (There was a time and sometimes the need is still there to download the images from the camera into a computer image program.) This camera is a 4.1 mega - pixel next generation still image with the option to capture a limited length quicktime movie. You get all this - for a reasonably priced, consumers to own camera.

The Olympus carries the same design in this series as the C3000, C3030, and C3040. You get to keep all of the features from past models than add a few new benefits and you get the new C4040. Here are some of those benefits: Auto connect USB - which will allow any USB equipped computer (Macintosh or Window) to recognize the camera without first installing software drivers. Picture resolution has been boosted in the HQ mode to 3200 x 2400 pixels. A redeveloped easy to use menu system provides quick and well lade out control for the camera operator.

  • A 4.1- Megapixel CCD digital still camera which provides sharp high - resolution images.
  • Super Bright f1.8 3x Optical 7.5x Digital Zoom lens designed
  • AutoConnect USB will let any computer with a USB port and a current operating system to instantly recognize the C- 4040 Zoom and connect automatically.
  • Optimum Image Enlargement Mode (resolution enhancement) allows you to enlarge HQ/SHQ JPEG images up to 3200 x 2400 pixels.
  • A New Menu System features custom button and shortcut settings to provide quick and easy creative controls for the user
  • New Noise Reduction System helps minimize
    background noise so you get high - quality images even in low - light situations
  • QuickTime movie mode with sound
  • Storage Media: Removable SmartMedia (SSFDC) card up to 128 MB

  • Type: Digital camera
  • LCD monitor 1.8 inch color TFT LCD monitor: 1.8 - inch color TFT LCD monitor with 114,000 pixels made of Low - temperature poly - silicon.
  • Storage Media: Removable 3 V (3.3 V)
    SmartMedia (SSFDC) card (4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128MB)
  • Compression ratio: 1, 2.8, 8
  • Still image: JPEG, and TIFF non-compress
  • QuickTimeTM Motion JPEG®.
  • Sound: Wave format support
  • CCD solid - state image pickup 4.13 million pixels (effective 3.98 million pixels)
  • White Balance: Full - auto TTL (iESP), Pre - set (daylight, overcast, tungsten light, fluorescent light),
  • Lens: Olympus 3x multivariator zoom lens 7.1 - 21.3mm
  • F1.8 - F2.6, 10 lenses in 7 groups
  • Digital Zoom: Smooth 1x ~ approx. 2.5x
  • Manual exposure: shutter speed up to 16 sec.
  • Aperture priority: Wide; F1.8 - F10, Tele; F2.6 - F10, 1/3 EV steps.
  • Shutter priority: still image: 4 - 1/800 sec. (with mechanical shutter), 1/3 EV steps.
  • Focusing: TTL system iESP auto focus (contrast detection system)
  • Focusing range: 0.2 m - (infinity). Manual focus with gauge with focusing range 0.2 m - (infinity)
  • Working range: Standard mode: 0.8m - (infinity)
  • Macro mode: 0.2 - 0.8 m
  • Flash: Built -i n flash
  • Flash modes: Auto (automatic activation in low and backlight), Red-eye reduction, Off (no flash), Fill-in (forced activation).
  • Dimensions: 4.33(W) x 2.99(H) x 2.75(D) in./110 (W) x 76 (H) x 70 (D) mm
  • Weight: 11.28oz./320g (without batteries and SmartMedia card)

  • AC Adapter
  • B - Wide Angle Lens
  • Smart Media Cards from 4 to 128 MB
  • Carrying case

My Final Note
You do not have to spend a lot of money to capture a great quality print these days. With a digital camera you just point and shoot. Instantly presented to you on the back of the camera is a monitor with the newly captured image. With the press of a button the image is saved or deleted (deleted to make room for another image). You can not do this with a film camera. This camera will give you a large excellent poster size print or a smaller size image for the web. It is capable of capturing up to 40 second of movie for the internet.This camera is an excellent buy and the features in this series are out standing. However the best judge would be for you to try this camera out for yourself.


We do not sell this product, we only write about it's feature hardware or software above. It is our intentions that others will benefit by this product and buy it thus making money for the producing company. We at Waymore Webs don't make a single penny off this product. So if you are interested in this product we suggest that you visit their web site for ordering.

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