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For the Month of May 2001

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Canon ZR-30
 Canadian cost: $1350.98
US: $999.99

I really like this latest addition to the Canon ZR family of mini - DV camcorders. It has all of the features of the well liked ZR-10 camcorder and now it is loaded with more. One excellent feature is that Canon has included a lighted key pad for easier view in the dark. There is an accessory shoe for a light or mic. However this model is being acclaimed for having an extended recording time on an eighty minute tape, you can now expect four hours of recording. There is a 10x zoom and a 200x digital enhanced. To help steady zoom shots Canon has included an optical image stabilization. You can use a .44 inch view finder or a 2.5 inch LCD screen. The progressive photo mode improves digital stills. The stills are stored on an 8 MB postage size card, that can be inserted into an optional card reader. All this and more (see below) and with out the battery this camcorder weight is 1.3 pounds.

More Extras Here
 Built-in Speaker
 Photo Search/Date Search
 Time Code/Data Code
 Extended Recording
 Composite and S-Video Input/Output
 Confirming/Warning Beeps
 Zero Set Memory
 World Clock
 16:9 Wide Screen TV Effect
 Remote Control
  Record Search & Review
 LANC Terminal-Connect only equipment bearing the LANC symbol.

  • 10x Canon Zoom Lens and powerful 200x Digital Zoom.
  • Image Stabilizer for rock steady shooting even while zooming.
  • Progressive Photo for sharp, clear images even of moving subjects.
  • IEEE1394 (FireWire®) DV Terminal for easy computer connectivity.
  • MultiMediaCard and SD Memory Card for still image storage and transferring to a PC*.
  • Analog Line-in to transfer your existing videos to digital.
  • Advanced Accessory Shoe for Canon's DM-50 Directional Stereo Microphone,** VL-3 Video Light** and Speedlite Flashes.**
  • Flexible 2.5" LCD Screen and Color Viewfinder for shooting at any angle.
  • Digital Effects for greater imaging variety including Multi-Image Screen.
  • Extended Recording Function allows up to 4 hours of recording time on an 80 minute cassette.
 * with commercially available PC card adapter or reader. **optional accessories.


Camcorders are moving towards a larger LCD monitor. Like the Canon Optura Pi this DV camcorder comes with a 3.5 inch screen. The advantage of a larger screen is that there sharper and you can see more detail in a larger area. If you want to play back you can use the view to watch what you taped. They are easier to see in sun light as well. This will add some extra wait to the camcorder but it well worth it.

This could be a consideration of weather this is a choice or not for you.

Canon introduces a 3.5 inch LCD Screen  Canon Optura Pi 

The Canon ZR Family
It start with the Canon ZR -  10 / mini DV

Canon ZR -  20 / mini DV Canon ZR -  25 / mini DV 


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