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Logitech Optical Mouse

Optical Wheel Mouse
Compatible with Windows and Macintosh

For sometime I had been having trouble with my old mouse sticking or moving in the wrong direction on the monitor. It was most annoying when working with detailing on an image with Adobe Photoshop.

I saw this mouse first advertised in our local news paper ad section and later in computer stories.
I liked the idea of never having to clean the track ball again. There was a five year limited warranty and it was not to expensive.If you are looking for a mouse that never needs to be cleaned, that is it has no ball under the mouse. It is accurate in movement I found as long as it is on a mouse pad. There are three moving parts and there all related to how you want to click the mouse. The design is comfortable and fits both right and left handed. There is an optical light on the bottom side of the mouse. When the mouse is not being used this light will go out. When the mouse is moved the bottom part of the mouse will glow. It looks pretty cool in the dark and the light too.

See Optical side of mouse

The mouse comes with mouse cd software but will work without on most plug and play computers. It runs on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Comes ready to use for USB but also has an adapter for PS/2 port. Macintosh is required to be running OS 8.6 or later and have a USB connection

By using the mouse software gives you more options. After installing the software you will be able to assign which will be the dominant click button. You have the left or right button as well as the wheel in the middle which can act like a third button.

Software Features for Windows
  • Run the set up wizard for the mouse
  • Launch Logitech web site
  • Show battery level on cordless mouse
  • Select a pointer shape
  • Assign dominant button
  • Add a second mouse

Operating Platform for Windows
Windows® 95  USB or PS/2 port
Windows® 98  USB or PS/2 port
Windows® NT 4.0  USB or PS/2 port
Windows® 2000  USB only

The software for the Macintosh will allow you to assign which button will be the dominant. You will also be able to control speed tracking. How fast to click the mouse before it will activate something. How sensitive or the speed of the mouse. Two more favorable controls are, scrolling a window with the mouse wheel. Add a command that sets the mouse to a default when a window opens.

Operating Platform for Macintosh
 Macintosh® OS 8.6 or later  Works only with USB

If you use the internet than this mouse is right for you. Included on the cd disk is software that will let your mouse do most of the work for you. From this wheel below you can launch your browser. Return to a previous page. Have the page stop loading or refresh the page that you are on. Go to URL addresses on the wheel. If you should run into any problems there is a help menu

Internet control wheel

  • Return to a previous page
  • Refresh your present page
  • Help menu
  • Have the page stop loading
  • Go to URL addresses on the wheel
  • Open up bookmarks and favorites

Logitech makes a couple of different Optical mouse that will suit your needs. This mouse fits both left and right hand. Some of Logitech will only fit for the right hand. There is also a wireless mouse in this class. When your buying this product look for the flashing red light on the front of each package.

Over all I liked this product and all the information provided with the mouse. You get the mouse, cd software with excellent features. An instruction book that explains the software in plain and simple language. A booklet to inform you about how to get the best comfort while sitting in front of your computer. Also to complete your package is a pamphlet on other fine products by Logitech®

We do not sell this product only write about its features on the software above. It is our intentions that others will like this product and buy it thus making money for the producing company. We at Waymore Webs don't make a single penny off this product. So if you are interested in this product we suggest that you visit their web site for ordering it. Some graphics on this page are the property of Logitech. Except where indicated like the Waymore Webs logo and navigational buttons which have been created and copy protected by Waymore Webs.

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