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Adaptec SlimSCSI 1480 

Adaptec APD 1480 Mac Kit Slim
for the Macintosh PowerBook 2000

Estimated cost is $230.00 Canadian

This CardBus card will complete your new PowerBook 2000. Now with this card you will be able to still run all those SCSI hardware products that Apple wanted you to buy in the good old days. The CardBus card runs at a rate of 20 MByte/sec and will run all of yesterdays 10 MByte SCSI hardware. Now you can continue to use your Ultra SCSI hard disk drives, CD-ROM drives, CD-Recordable and Rewritable drives, DVD drives, Scanners, Iomega Jaz drives, and their Zip drives, plus most brands of magneto - optical (MO) devices.

  • Add speed and compatiibility to your PowerBook
  • Support Ultra SCSI rates up to 20 MByte/sec
  • Low 0.5Watt standby and 0.8 active power consumption
  • Connects up to 7 SCSI peripherals for Fast SCSI or # SCSI peripherals for Ultra SCSI performance
  • Old SCSI Manager and SCSI Manager 4.3 compliant


Technical Specifications
 Operating System OS 8.6 or 9x
 Data Transfer Rate Up to 20 MByte/sec with Ultra SCSI devices
Up to 10 MByte/sec with Fast SCSI devices
 Capacity Up to 7 daisy chained fast SCSI devices or 3 Ultra SCSI peripherals
 Cable Options 50 pin high density SCSI - 2
Optical DB 25 pin and 50 pin low density (Centronics) available
 Power Consumption .8 W active
.5 W standby
 Size PC Card Type II
 SCSI Data Format 8 bit with automatic parity generation
 Termination Type Internal active termination provided
 Delivery Full 32 bit PCI performance at speeds up to 20 MByte / sec

Package incluses:

  • PowerDomain SlimSCSI 1480 CardBus - -to - Ultra SCSI Adapter
  • One detachable cable with a high - density 50 pin connector
  • DB - 25 pin and 50 pin low density cable offer inside box
  • PowerDomain SlimSCSI 1480 instal guide
  • PowerDomain and SCSI probe software
  • Software driver for Mac OS 8.6 or 9x


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