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Company Macsense
Contact 800-642-8860 or 408-844-0320
Price $249.99 (SRP US)

A Little More Protection


Maybe it seems that lately I have been taking a lot about software that can prevent unwanted information leaving your computer. The internee has become a play ground for everyone: that is those good and bad. The announcement over international news about large internee companies who were recently crippled by malicious behavior intending to bring them down. Why would anyone want to do this? Was it cause they knew they could or was it they had something against them. The recent attacks have opened the eyes of companies large and small to protect themselves from outside attacks.

We have seen the launch of good software that promotes this kind of protection. Companies that might be opened to forced entry over phone or cable hired programmers to set up a defense called a firewall. A firewall is used to protect bank and institutions offering e-commerce for shopping on line. The software allows for information to be controlled by the owner of the computer. This same software would sound an alarm if someone was tempering who should not be with their system and its' data. Software is not your only affordable option for those of us using either DSL or a Cable internee hook up there is more. Not like your 56 K modem theses device remain on even when your computer sleeps or is turned off.

XRouter Pro MIH - 130

This it not your average router it does more. Highly advanced this router is also able to network up to four or more computers sharing one DSL or Cable internee connection. It works with the macintosh , or pc or Linux computer. It is a 100Base - T speed router that can be configured to block out certain URLs or allow access to them. This hardware combined with the accompanied software provide a secure shared internee connection.

We do not sell this product only write about its features on the software above. It is our intensions that others will like this product and buy it thus making money for the producing company. We at Waymore Webs don't make a single penny off this product. So if you are interested in this product we suggest that you visit their web site for ordering it. All the camera graphics on this page are the property of Nikon. The following are TM models of the Macintosh .Models: iMac, iBook, Power Macintosh, G3 Black & White, Power Mac G4 or later PowerBook G3, with built in USB.

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