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Sharp VL - SD20U MiniDV  SHARP VL -  SD20U MiniDV 


Sharp is famous for there LCD viewer found on most of their analog video camera. The same holds true for this digital camera . If your looking for a camera with an eye piece you will not find one here. The Sharp is a two piece camera. The first part being a three inch backlight LCD viewer and the second part the camera. Weight including the battery is about a pound and a half. This is a camera small enough to fit into a pocket. Controls are in easy reach for record, snap (which is for recording stills), switching between off, vcr and camera. A dial, controls zoom and volume all within easy reach. A lithium-ion long life battery provides about one hour and forty minutes.
This is an excellent camcorder for the home and small business.

estimated cost $1000.00 US



Sharp Digital Camcorder VLSD20U

Main Features
* Mini DV High-Resolution Digital Recording provides 500 lines of horizontal resolution, with color bandwidth that's nearly 3 times that of analog for breathtaking color accuracy, increased detail, and reduced smearing.
* 3-inch Fingerprint- reduced Low Reflectivity LCD Color View Screen allows you to get
the big picture while you record, plus monitor your videos for playback. The special screen from Sharp absorbs 99% of ambient light to allow use in bright sunlight, and it's coated with a special resin to reduce fingerprints and smudges.
* Digital Image Stabilization Helps to reduce image shake and jitter, delivering a more stable picture 10x Optical Zoom/100x Digital Zoom lets you get in close to the action. The 10x optical zoom provides smooth transitions and the clearest images, and the 100x digital zoom makes for great special effects.
* Digital Gamma Brightness Correction enhances the quality of the image being recorded by automatically brightening the darker areas of the picture. The brightness level of the subject is maintained while background fade is greatly reduced, making the image much easier to watch.

Audio Features
PCM Digital Stereo Recording and Playback provides wider range and better clarity in
* Built-in Monitor Speaker allows you to listen to your video on playback.

Video Features
16:9 Wide Screen Recording Mode allows you to film in the same screen aspect ratio as your Hollywood counterparts, allowing you a wider frame of field and a more cinematic feel to your productions.
* Backlight Compensation/ Gain Up reduces the chances of "silhouettes" in your videos by adjusting to backlighting conditions automatically.
* LCD Manual Control allows you to control the Color, Brightness, and Tint of the View Screen for maximum quality for the ambient light conditions and taste.

i.Link® (IEEE 1394) Terminal provides incredibly high-speed (up to 400 Mbps) transfer of full motion video from the digital camcorder to a computer or another i.LINK capable camcorder. And, since there is no need to convert digital data into analog, there is no loss of image quality. It is the ideal vehicle for transmitting digital camcorder data.
* RS232 Terminal allows you to connect the digital camcorder to a computer for rapid image downloads.

Additional Features

Wireless Remote Control can be used to control camcorder recording and playback functions.
VLSD20U Supplied Accessories AC Adapter/Charger

Rechargeable Battery Pack

2 Lithium-ion Back-up Batteries

DC Cable

Shoulder Strap

Remote Control

A/V Cable



Unit Weight 2.8 lbs.
Shipping Weight 5.4 lbs.


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