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SuperGoo Software

 supergoo box cover

 By Scansoft


Canadian Retail $42.95


So what is "SuperGoo" anyways?

If you like to draw cartoon art and animation this software program could be for you. The software was released in 1999 so it is not something new. It is a program for anyone who has little or know computer or graphic experience. The program runs on both the Macintosh and Window computers.

With several palettes your able to scan in or download a digital image from a still camera and do some weird things to it. Than after you finish altering the image you can play it back as a movie file for the Macintosh and an Avi file for the Windows.

SuperGoo Edit Palette

You have several buttons that act as a different effect or motion to help create your picture. A library of propes and faces are offered to help you learn thie software. Once you become comfortable with the tools and what they do you might want to import a ray of picture images. The program will except many file formates such as the following: BMP, TIFF, Twian, Flash Pix, Photoshop, PICT (Mac) Jpeg, and Gif.

Palette 3

With the use of several palette, different size paint brushs and arrar of effects you will be producing animation for the world wide web or decoration your next Christmas card. SuperGoo allows you to save to many types of files such as: BMP, TIFF, Twain, Flash Pix, Photoshop, Quicktime, Jpeg, Gif, and Avi.

For anyone who presently has this version and would like to see their quicktime move or Avi movie here, please contact me at In the subject area of your email indicate that it is a SuperGoo movie.


We do not sell this product only write about its features on the software above. It is our intensions that others will like this product and buy it thus making money for the producing company. We at Waymore Webs don't make a single penny off this product. So if you are interested in this product we suggest that you visit their web site for ordering it. All graphics on this page are the property of scansoft. Except where indicated like the movie which was created by Waymore Webs with this fine software.

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