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This web site has from the day we went on live to this moment used for the purpose of education and the sharing of consumer computing and most things related to helping the consumer do better for themselves. As the owner of Waymore Webs I have encourage a community environment in the hope to give new computer writers some exposure. We have a large readers base which grows every year. This is an active site with updates not less than once per month, normally more when time is permitting. If you or you know of new computer writers - send them our way. For more information use the "contact us" button on your left hand side in the navigation bar.

Waymore Webs, is an all in one web site design, and visual media company. Our top notch team will design, construct and maintain your web site on line.We listen to what our customers needs are and through creative talent will accommodate all your internet needs. We can register and host your domain. Other services are multi - email boxes, e-commerce, and much more - see Services.

Write or phone - more information is provided for you from the contact us page.

We have listened to our customers and made changes to our "Frequently Ask Question" page. If you have a question check this page first, it might be there or contact us and tell us what you need for a detailed response.

We have included a phone number but we still encourage you to use our email address.

We hope that when you decide to create and construct your web site presents on the world wide web that you will consider contacting us first for your one stop web and media needs.

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Every year we encourage that your web site be revised or redesigned. Here at Waymore Webs the same thought goes into our web site too. We have revised this site for 2006. The intent of this web site is education and public awareness. We have designed our site to be easy to travel from page to page. We encourage feedback from viewers, do let us know what you like or do not like about this web site.

On this web site
Just give us a few of your minutes and have a look around. We do updates on this web site at least twice per month, and most often more. A good place to fined the latest updates and changes on the web site is to go to the "New This Month" page for up to the minute news. You will find new reviews, how to stay safe while surfing the internet, and tons more information to keep you informed. We have years of reviews on software and hardware products. We review products and write articles for both Macintosh and Window based computers. There are many computer related help articles, informational, guides to help you buy products, software and to be safe while using your computer. Have a great year and have fun here on the Waymore Webs site.

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