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Presidents' Message

Welcome to Waymore Webs, a web company dedicated to making you look good in a competitive market. The internet is still a new idea to a lot of people, an idea that is not yet fully appreciated for its potential to sell, almost anything. It is a place where you can truly express yourself or the essence of your company in a way that will reach more people (people that are actually seeking your services) than printed material ever could. Another major benefit of Waymore Webs site is the world wide web is that all the data it contains can be instantly changed or upgraded, giving your customers the most up to date information possible.

At Waymore Webs, building successful web sites from scratch is our forte. Our goal is to work together with our customers, helping them achieve a site which not only meets their needs but exceeds their expectations of what a site can do. Our customers' desire to express their individual identity on the world wide web is enhanced through the in house design of all graphics and illustrations. Simply put, our team will build a site that is unique to their needs. In today's competitive marketplace our customers will achieve that extra edge that keeps them on the front line.

For some, though, business concerns are not the top priority for their presence on the web. We will build a site for any occasion or interest. Making a site for fun, family or casual business, say in a hobby for instance, is definitely in our repertoire. We are here to help you give expression to your dreams on the world wide web. See our team for more information.

The Teams' Message

Prior to the actual construction of your site we will sit down with you and answer any questions you may have as well as inform you of the potential your site could have.

You do not even need to own a computer in order to have a web site on the world wide web. Our services include setting up and monitoring for you.

The speed with which a page opens is a key to a successful site. The high speed modem DSL or Cable are the way most computers access the internet. They are fast, processing large graphics, high definition , video, music and other files to one page. It is our intention to have your page load in under thirty seconds while still creating the desired impact.

The first day we stand by you. Having you grow and develop an understanding of the use of your web site and browser to the maximum. Any questions you may have along the way are welcome and the reason for our existence in the field.

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