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Game Review 2001
updated September 9

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What if there was a web site or two just for game reviews, tricks, codes and more. What if you are playing a game and you get stuck. Would you like to find those answers and maybe just a bit more from a web site that specializes in just games. Well this what were going to try in between those times when we are not doing our own reviews. We will still have a game review but the review will be done by one of the many gaming web sites. Hopefully this will lead you towards the opportunities to get the very best information and much more. Lets give this a try for this week.

This Weeks Game In Review Is
Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos
 For the best information visit Game Spot click here for access


If you would like to write a game review, one in which you have personally played, enjoyed and would recommend to others. Send us an email and include your name, email and the game review. Please don't send it as a document, send it as an html file. Thank you and we look forward to posting your personal reviews. info@waymorewebs.com

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