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Words and Phrase that you will likely come across sooner or later

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What is the latest memory used in computers today?
The quickest memory being used today is called
Flash ).However for most computers today use a form of ram. If you have a chance to see one you will notice that there are a lot of pins which connect to a circuit board. Most SDRAM have 168 pins and run at the PC bus board of 133 MHz. You can also find SDRAM with 144 pin running at 100 MHz bus speed. You can purchase from 16 MB to 4 GB so far. Prices are continually coming down for example a 1 GB memory chip in April for a Apple lap top cost around 450 dollars Canadian. Today that same memory chip is about $256.00.

What is a GeForce2 MX 4AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) graphics card?
This the next generation of video graphic cards. With the on slaughter of heavy graphic using computer games, the older cards could not keep up with all of the demands. So this is one of those cards that can meet the games needs of today. The GeForce 2 MX 4x AGPThis video cards has up to 32 MB of video RAM at avalable to use. This AGP card fits in a slot designed just for it on the mother board.

What does Kbps mean on my 56K modem?
A 56K is considered to be four times faster than a 33.3K modem. The
Kbps stands for (kilo bits per seconds) However many phone lines will not allow you to achieve the 56K maximum. At most these modem will achieve some where around 46K. This modem is the last generation installed by computer manufactures. All computers in North America are being configured to use cable or DSL which is able to download graphics, music and video at astonishing faster download time. To see how fast your connection is go here. If you try this test at different times, during your time on line notice that there is an inconsistance in speed.

What is a PCI and what is it used for?
PCI stands for (Peripheral component interconnect). When you want to add a circet board to your computer it will be called and PCI board

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