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I know nothing about the internet or its potential, can you help?
Prior to the actual construction of your web site we will sit down and answer any questions helping you to understand the potential of having a web site on the world wide web.

I do not own a computer, but I would like to sell a product over the internet.
You do not need to own a computer to sell over the internet. We will set up an E-commerce account and monitor it for you.

Can I have lots of graphics and animations on my web site?
DSL or Cable
Modems are the majority way that computers access the internet. Today they are fast and can support multi- numbers of animations or large graphics placed on any one page. It is our intention to have your page load under the thirty second mark.

Do you provide technical support for the customer?
From the first day to well after your site is up we stand by you. We will train you on how to use your web browser to its potential. We will explain how your web site will work for you. We are here to answer all your questions that will come up .

I do not know how to set up my high speed modem can you help?
We now have home service which means we will send out a team to assist you in proper set up. For you to access your web site on line. We will make sure that you can receive the internet and that your computer and software is capable to do so.

I do not think my computer is internet ready can you help?
We can either upgrade your old existing computer or build you a custom computer to fit your needs. Our technicians build computers with the finest parts and we build them so that they can be upgraded for years to come.

I would like to learn how to create my own web site. Do you offer any instruction?
We are able to instruct you on the principals of html while you construct your own web site.We have a variety of software programs excellent manuals and great instruction so just call ahead and reserve your seat as classes do fill up quickly.

Do I need a Domain Name?
The best way to answer this question is to ask yourself, What is my web site for? Will you be using your web site to sell or for information, a business or just fun. If you are wanting to look or are already a professional business than a Domain Name is a must. If the web site is for personal use such as a family portrait or a fun site for you and your friends than the choice is up to you. The cost of a Domain Name is cheap if you are looking for an identity for your web site.

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